How to Style Your Summer Staples for Fall

With fall just a few weeks away, I’m sure you’re already starting to get your wardrobe ready. Before you keep your summer pieces, take the time to think of whether you can wear those in the fall. Yes, you can wear summer fashion staples and essentials well into fall as long as you style them right and pair them up with the right accessories. Doing this saves you the hassle of buying new clothes for the coming season since you’ll have plenty to work with. Here are some ideas on how to style your summer staples for fall.

  • WEAR YOUR CROP TOP OVER A DRESS – don’t start destashing your wardrobe’s crop top department just yet. This summer favorite works surprisingly well for fall and winter. All you have to do is layer them on top of your dresses to create a super chic and fabulous look.

crop top and dress

crop top for fall

  • LAYER TIGHTS UNDERNEATH SHORTS AND SHORT SKIRTS – shorts and short skirts are great for summer because they keep you cool and comfy but leaving your legs bare with these in the fall is not exactly a very good idea. If you want to keep wearing your shorts and short skirts for fall but don’t want to have your legs cold and shaking from the cold, just layer tights underneath.

tights and denim shorts alexa chung tights and electric blue gathered skirt

  • OR OPT FOR KNEE HIGH BOOTS – not a fan of layering tights and shorts or skirts? That’s fine. You can still achieve a nice and warm outfit while wearing shorts or short skirts by pairing up your chose piece with knee high boots.

knee high boots leather shorts knee high boots and floral skirt

  • TOP OFF YOUR OUTFIT WITH CUTE OUTERWEAR – one of the things I like best about colder seasons is being able to wear super cute and chic outerwear like coats, jackets and blazers. Adding outerwear not only makes your outfit more stylish, it allows you to wear your summer staples comfortably during fall and winter as well.

outerwear trench coat with white summer dress outerwear with houndstooth print

  • ANCHOR THEM TO DARKS OR NEUTRALS – summer is the perfect time to sport the brightest and most vibrant colors as well as funky colorful prints but come fall, pieces in these gorgeous hues get stashed away to the back of the closet to make way for darker colors. To make your outfits less summery and more fall-appropriate, anchor down a bright piece or two to dark or neutral colors.

bright orange skirt and neutral knits bright shirt and neutral palette

  • SWAP SANDALS FOR BOOTIES – if there’s one thing at all from your summer wardrobe that you shouldn’t stash away for fall, it’s maxi dresses. Instead of pairing them up with sandals like you used to in summer, wear them with booties and top them off with a cute knit cardigan to make them perfect for fall.

booties and summer kaftan dress booties and ripped jeans

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