How to Style Your Sneakers This Fall with Sonja Petrkowsky

Used to be the essential footwear of sporty activities, sneakers can now be worn everywhere with everything. Mind behind the Fashion Tweed blog, Sonja Petrkowsky is a style blogger, freelance stylist, creative consultant, and brand ambassador of different brands. Her style is eclectic, ever changing and a mix between masculine and feminine featuring sporty-chic sneakers on her street looks. Keep on reading to scoop some stylish tricks on how to wear your sneakers this fall.

Add some effortlessly cool vibe to your casual outfits with sneakers.

overalls with jacket and sneakers

sneakers with cuffed jeans and boyfriend coat printed bomber jacket with skinny jeans and sneakers

Denim jeans, overalls, and midi skirts may be your best choice this fall. Like Sonja, think of wearing your denim overalls with a jacket or hoodies that look effortless with a pair of sneakers. Cuffed jeans teamed with striped sweater and pinstripe coat look casual cool while a pair of sneakers will keep everything effortless. If you’re looking for a modern yet casual style, go for a printed bomber jacket that can be great to wear with your black skinny jeans and canvas sneakers like Sonja did.

Make your casual Friday at the office effortless with a pair of canvas sneakers.

knitted sweater with stretchy skirt and sneakers sweater with culottes and sneakers straight leg pants and boyfriend blazer with sneakers

Though a casual dress code at the office may mean a pair of neat jeans and chic top, you may still go for a pair of straight-leg pants and boyfriend blazer, but dress them down with a pair of canvas sneakers to avoid looking too corporate like Sonja did. Or, think of your chic knitted sweaters that can go well with a pair of boxy culottes or stretchy pencil skirt that can be dressed down with a pair of canvas sneakers. This way, you’ll look a bit stylish and professional in your workplace while keeping your comfortable and hip.

Embrace the urban vibe with your black ensembles teamed with canvas sneakers.

all black outfit with leather jacket and sneakers slit dress with denim jacket and baseball cap with sneakers black dress with trench vest and sneakers

Black ensembles may look classy, sophisticated, gothic, grunge, and hip depending on how you’re going to wear them. Like Sonja, think of embracing the urban vibe by wearing your black maxi dress with a denim jacket, baseball cap, and sneakers, or your black shift dress with a trench vest and sneakers that look stylish and functional for the fall season.

Make your creative fall outfits effortlessly cool with chic sneakers.

sweater with straight leg pants and long vest with sneakers striped outfit with sneakers off shoulder shirt with culottes and sneakers

Whether you’re experimenting with stylish layers, wearing classic prints, or reinventing your basic pieces, sneakers can make your overall look effortlessly cool. Like Sonja, think of wearing a striped top with a striped bottom that looks trendy, while a pair of canvas sneakers looks effortlessly cool, perfect for your weekend style. Or, think of wearing your button-down shirts in an off-shoulder way that looks modern and hip while a pair of chic sneakers will do the effortless vibe for you. Indeed, sneakers are an effortlessly cool alternative for your ankle boots this fall. So, channel your effortlessly cool vibe with canvas sneakers like Sonja does.

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