How to Style Your Robe Coat

If you think robe coats are only worn at home with rollers and curlers on your head, you’re wrong as they became a cozy outfit on the streets. Robe coats have made a comeback, but thankfully it doesn’t limit only to bath towel or lingerie textiles. Designers have come up with robe coats in stylish versions of silk, wool, linen, cotton, suede, cashmere and such that can be comfortable and lightweight while keeping your looks polished. Looking for inspirations on how to style your robe coats? Keep on reading for styling ideas.

gray robe coat with monochrome outfit

monochrome outfit with robe coat robe coat with all white outfit robe coat with knitted top and leather skirt statement robe coat with monochrome outfit

Robe coats can be great for adding some texture to your monochrome outfit while giving you a great waist definition. When tied, robe coats could really emphasize your waistline and give you that curve that you would want. Whether you have subtle curves or notable curves, robe coats give a favor to your body shape while keeping you warm and cozy. The other option is that you could just leave the belt hanging if you want.

burgundy robe coat with jeans casual outfit with robe coat pink robe coat with casual outfit pink robe coat with jeans robe coat with jeans

Robe coats can be a perfect complement for dressing up your too casual denim jeans. Whether your pair of jeans is distressed, acid-washed, faded, or frayed, these coats look perfectly blended with the style you’re trying to achieve compared to classic trench coats and structured coats that may look too dressy for your attire. Feel free to go for neutral shades like cream, white, brown, black, gray, or even classic colors like burgundy and navy that looks chic but still versatile enough to match with any color of your outfit.

skinny jeans with robe coat and boots edgy boots with robe coat layered outfit with robe coat loafers with dress and robe coat robe coat with leather trousers and turtleneck robe coat with skinny pants and leather boots silk robe coat with edgy boots

These robe coats can be great to complement your edgy statement. Whether you’re a fan of leather ensembles or borrowed from boys’ attire, robe coats can definitely look great for your street looks. There are robe coats made from leather that can instantly vamp up your simple outfit into an edgy one. Or, if you like, just pair your edgy ensembles with a robe coat like a pair of oxfords, loafers, brogues, leather boots, leather trousers, leather dresses and such.

button down shirt with skirt and robe coat navy robe coat with fur scarf and boots party outfit with robe coat robe coat with sexy outfit white robe coat with hat and boots

If you wish for a dressy style, go for robe coats with sleek and structured designs that can go well with your chic dresses and skirts. Like any other kind of long coats, you can go for a classic camel-colored robe coat and wear it over your dressy outfit, since camel is quite a versatile color. Other coats usually have a stiffer figure that does not allow for a soft and diaphanous dress look that some robe coats could.

striped robe coat with chic outfit red robe coat with boots pink and nude robe coat with casual chic outfit green robe coat with pants floral print robe coat with dress pants

And if you are in the mood to be daring and bold, why don’t you opt for a printed or brightly-colored robe coat? Whether you’re opting for a bohemian-inspired print or classic stripes, anything will do that suits your style. It is even advisable that when wearing brightly colored robe coat like green, red, hot pink and such, wear a monochromatic or muted outfit underneath it to keep your style looks balanced and statement-making.


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