How to Style Your Floral Blazers

Feminine and versatile, floral blazers are now a perfect alternative for your classic outerwear pieces to add some pop of color and dimension to your outfit. Whether you wish to wear them with your dresses, trousers, denim cut-offs, or jeans, keep on reading for your styling inspiration to look fashionable on your floral blazers.

black skinny jeans with floral blazer

leather skinny with floral blazer skinny jeans with floral blazer white skinny jeans with floral blazer casual chic outfit with floral blazer

Some won’t wear floral prints because they feel prissy, precious, frumpy and like a garden tea party. But, wearing floral blazers with your most basic pieces like casual jeans and tee, is a stylish way of adding a nice dressy touch them.  Whether you go neutral, pastel or bright on your floral prints, your casual outfit looks fresher, romantic and fun with these blazers. Think of your casual tank top and casual denim jeans in blue wash that can be dressed up by these floral blazers or you already casual-chic outfits that can look more sophisticated and feminine.

floral blazer with casual shorts floral blazer with chic shorts floral blazer with feminine skirt floral blazer with mini skirt and tights floral blazer with skirt

If you wish to look sexy without looking too provocative or revealing on the streets, wear your floral blazers with your sexy shorts and miniskirts. This way, your sexy and hot outfits are tamed by the floral prints of your blazer. Whether you opt for distressed denim jeans, revealing cut-off shorts, chic shorts, full miniskirt, A-line skirt, or pencil miniskirt, the looks will be fashionable and feminine with these floral blazers. Just go for shades that look perfect with your skin tone especially if you’re pale or olive-toned. Pastel pink usually look great with pale skin tones while cobalt blue look fine with olive skin tones.

floral blazer with lace dress floral blazer with mustard dress

Wearing your sexy dresses like ones with backless styles, plunging neckline, and sleeveless styles will look perfect with floral blazers balancing the sexy vibes of your outfit. If you feel belts are too uncomfortable cinching your waist, simply opt for a floral blazer to top your shift and shapeless dresses giving an illusion of a slimmer waist through blazers’ lapels. Just be sure to opt for a lighter and darker shade on your dress and jacket as wearing them monochromatically can make you look heavier, especially if the blazer is slouchy, not structured, or cropped to your slimmest waist.

floral blazer with striped dress floral blazer with striped bermuda shorts and sneakers floral blazer with matching shorts

Wearing your floral blazer with a matching print on skirt, shorts, or trousers look more fashionable and statement making. Your coordinated outfit will make you express your feminine and artistic side even more. However, you can still wear your floral blazer with other prints like striped shorts or polka dots skirt. But to make them look polished without unnecessary fuss, stick to neutral prints or patterns like stripes and subtle polka dots in neutral shades and wear a plain colored top to give your eyes some break with the mixed prints. If you feel bold and adventurous like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may mix your prints intentionally by opting for a stripe print dress.

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