How to Style Your Denim Jumpsuit

Having its one-piece design, denim jumpsuit maybe the most effortless and comfortable outfit to wear. However, it may not be the most versatile piece you can have, so keep on reading for our styling tricks on wearing your denim jumpsuit for various occasions.

  1. Keep it sleek and simple.

denim jumpsuit with chunky heeled shoes

lightweight denim jumpsuit with nude bag and sandals jumpsuit with sneakers denim jumpsuit with slip on sneakers denim jumpsuit with pointy mules denim jumpsuit with pointy loafers denim jumpsuit with oxfords denim jumpsuit with classic pumps

From comfortable and practical to unapologetically sexy styles, jumpsuits are great for keeping your casual street looks effortless. Like fashion blogger Danielle Bernstein, you may keep it sleek and simple by letting your outfit structure make a statement itself, especially ones with boxy silhouette, creative pockets, and acid-washed designs. Canvas sneakers, pointy mules, loafers, oxfords and slip-on sneakers are great, but going for heels won’t hurt. In fact, they’ll keep your denim jumpsuit from feeling frumpy and sloppy.

  1. Spice up your jumpsuit with a hat, scarf, or belt.

denim jumpsuit with plaid scarf denim jumpsuit with leather belt denim jumpsuit with chain belt and classic pumps denim jumpsuit with belt and bag dark denim jumpsuit with belt chic hat with denim jumpsuit

A classic belt goes a long way in refining a more casual outfit while ensuring your curves don’t get lost in a jumpsuit. Like Kristina Bazan, simply opt for a slim belt to avoid swamping your frame, instead will just define your waistline. If it gets chilly outside, simply amp up your denim jumpsuit with a printed shawl or scarf, making your casual outfit interesting and creative. Or, if you’re a fan of feminine styles, simply top your looks with a chic hat that will do the tricks for you.

  1. Add some flair to your denim jumpsuit with a stylish bag or clutch.

denim-jumpsuit-with-fringe-bag-and-leopard-heels leopard print clutch with denim jumpsuit and edgy boots fringe clutch with denim jumpsuit denim jumpsuit with sling bag and classic pumps denim jumpsuit with red sling bag denim jumpsuit with mules

Jumpsuits are better kept neat and sleek, so leave those distressed features to your jeans and jackets. Instead, add some texture variation with your bags and clutches by going for sequins, fringes, suede, embellished, embossed, cutout, fur and such. Or, go for a brightly colored sling bag that will create a bold color contrast with your denim jumpsuit. Printed clutches and bags, especially animal prints, will add some flair to your denim jumpsuit in a classy and sophisticated way.

  1. Create fabric contrast with your outerwear.

denim jumpsuit with blazer and chic bag denim jumpsuit with white blazer and boots denim jumpsuit with sneakers denim jumpsuit with leather jacket denim jumpsuit with fur coat denim jumpsuit with winter coat

If you feel your denim jumpsuit too noticeable because you wore it more than once, then refresh the look by topping it with a wool coat, trench coat, leather jacket, biker vest, moto jacket, military jacket, fur coat, or even a chic blazer. This way, you’ll make your casual and ordinary jumpsuit fresh and trendy once again.

  1. Wear creative layers for a trendy look.

embellished denim jumpsuit with coat eccentric top with denim jumpsuit denim jumpsuit with buton down shirt and denim jacket

Since layering is all the rage right now, why not think of your denim jumpsuit as your base outfit that can be dressed up with chic ensembles. Button-down shirts, printed tee, and coats are great pieces to start with. Remember, when creating your street style always be true to your personality and fashion sense so you’ll end up being unique and unexpected.

Whether it’s worn for an afternoon lunch with friends or for a night on the town, the jumpsuit has endless possibilities, so be creative making some tweaks to your style to create a casual yet stylish street looks.

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