How to Style Valentine’s Day Outfits Throughout the Year

Valentine’s day has already passed, and I hope yours was a happy one. And if it was, you might be thinking of how you will be able to wear your Valentine’s day outfits once again – sans looking like a big mushball in the middle of the train coach. Good news! You can reinvent your romantic Valentine’s day outfits with these styling tips.

Redeem the Rouge

If you are one of the girls who have chosen little red dresses as Valentine’s day outfits, you will be glad to know that you can easily use this attire for post-February romps.

fur vest and red dress

Yes, it’s as simple as covering with up with a structured blazer or a chic trench coat.

red dress and trenchcoat red dress and black blazer

Liberate the Lace

Many women who wanted to look sexy in their Valentine’s day outfits opted for lacy outfits. If you are one of these girls, you can be rest assured that you can use this attire for other occasions.

lace top and maxi skirt

If you have a lace top such as the one below, you can use it for summer excursions by pairing it with a cute pair of shorts.

lace top and shorts

You can even wear your lace top for galas and dinners by wearing it with a tulle skirt, such as the style below.

lace top and tulle skirt

Make it Shine

Sequins make Valentine’s day outfits shine – literally. If you have sparkly sequined clothes, don’t worry as you can still use them for the rest of the year.

black turtleneck and sequined skirt

Neutralize the attention-grabbing sequins by wearing it with a crisp white top and a blazer.

blazer and sequined shorts

Pairing a sequined skirt with a voluminous top (such as the one below) is sure to turn some heads well – even way past Valentine’s day.

blue top and sequined skirts

Formalize the Bodycon

Bodycon skirts and dresses prove to be some of the most famous Valentine’s day outfits. These shape-huggers will instantly make you sexy, especially if that’s the image you want to portray.

But for post-Valentine events, your bodycon outfits are better paired with voluminous tops and sleek blazers. These items can downplay the sexiness of the bodycon – and make you look more professional along the way.

bodycon dress with blazer

Bodycon clothes look good with casual items as well. Take the case of the chambray shirt, which makes the bodycon dress perfect for a hip day out.

bodycon dress and chambray top bodycon dress with jean jacket

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