How to Style the ‘Shirt Tied Around the Waist’ Trend

Tying a shirt, jacket, or sweater around your waist used to be out of mere convenience, but this look is making a big comeback that looks fashionable on the streets. If you’re looking for ways how to style the “shirt tied around the waist trend’, keep on reading to scoop our tricks.

Wear the style in a sporty and effortlessly cool way.


cut-out-outfit-with-tied-denim-jacket-and-sneakersjacket-tied-on-waist-with-sporty-outfit tied-leather-jacket-with-sporty-socks-and-masculine-shoes-with-white-dress white-matching-set-with-tied-red-bomber-jacket

The trend started as a sporty way to look functional on your looks. Resort to sporty pieces like varsity jackets, bomber jacket, sneakers, sweat shirts, track pants, and such to make your looks intentional. Like fashion blogger Jaime Ridge, make your sporty outfit trendy by cropping your casual top, tying a sweatshirt around your waist, and topping your outfit with a bomber jacket. Or, think of wearing the trendy in a sporty-chic way. Like fashion blogger Angelica Blick, you may even add some sporty spin to your chic matching set of white crop top and midi skirt with a red bomber jacket and sneakers.

Wear a cool-girl style with denim jacket, chambray shirt, and sweater.

all-white-outfit-with-tied-striped-sweater ripped-shorts-with-sporty-cool-top denim-shorts-with-tied-sweater-and-white-top

If you usually wear your denim ensembles on the streets, make them a bit more effortless by typing a denim jacket, chambray shirt, or a sweater around your waist. Like fashion blogger Jenny Tsang, add some flair to your sweater and denim shorts by tying a sweater around your waist. Or, add some edge to your cool style like Micah Gianneli by wearing ripped shorts and casual top with a tied sweater around your waist. If you wish to wear the trend in a casual yet more sophisticated way, think of going monochromatic on our outfit like fashion blogger Jenny Tsang did, wearing an-all white outfit with a Breton striped sweater tied around your waist.

Make the trendy style a bit classy and sophisticated.

black-dress-with-tied-sweater-and-chic-blazer lug-sole-shoes-with-tied-shirt-and-trendy-outfit gray-dress-with-tied-leather-jacket-and-boots

If you think the trend only suit the rocker-chic women, think again. Fashion blogger Jenny Tsang, make the trend modern, sophisticated, and classy by going for a chic dress with a leather jacket tied around the waist and a pair of pointy boots. Or, make your office looks more effortless yet professional by going for a black midi dress teamed with a structured blazer and a striped sweater tied around your waist like fashion blogger Janni Deler did.

Rock the style in an urban and grunge vibe.

tied-plaid-shirt-with-grunge-outfit tied-leather-jacket-with-crop-top-and-boots all-black-outfit-with-tied-gray-shirt

If you’re living in the big city, then you might want it in an urban or grunge way. Instead of going for bomber jackets think of your leather jackets and checkered shirts that you usually wear as your daily outfit. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, tie a leather jacket around your waist that look sexy with a white crop top and stiletto boots. Or, make it grunge inspired by going for a checkered shirt that will look tough with your black denim jacket and cut-out boots.

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