How to Style Amazing African Prints

Africa is mostly known for its untouched environments and wild safaris. But for fashionistas, the continent is famous for its vibrant and bold prints. The fusion of geometry and color is so good, which makes African print popular in the runways. Channel a trendy tribal vibe with these tips on how to style African prints:

ethnic dress

Mix it Up

Make your African prints stand out by mixing them with other designs, styles and textures. The fashionista below is a great example, as she paired her ethnic leggings with a fur-lined jacket. The sharpness of the prints and the softness of the fur make the tandem very fashion forward.

ethnic pants

Keep Warm – and Bright

For these cold seasons, your first option might be a traditional-colored jacket. While it is a fashion staple, it can be boring at times. Add life to your wardrobe by sporting African printed outerwear! The examples below show that such prints are perfect for work and for play.

african printed jacket

african jacket

Another trendy suggestion is a poncho, such as the one shown below. It can keep you warm and stylish all at the same time!

african poncho

Go for Bold Bottoms

Plain-colored pants and skirts are stylish, but they can be tedious. Rally for a bolder appearance with African printed bottoms. Tribal skirts and pants, whilst intense, are perfect for all occasions. Depending on the style and cut, you can even take them to work.

african printed skirt

african skirt

african pants

Add a Splash of Color

African prints are excellent, no doubt, but you can make them better by adding a splash of color. Wear your tribal dress with a brightly-colored shoe (such as below) to stand out!

african dress

Embellish it with Ethnic Jewelry

The African trend is more than just lively textiles, it is about statement jewelry as well. Such accessories can be bold and flashy, that’s why they are best worn with simple, toned-down pieces.

ethnic jewelry

african jewelry

African prints are bold and bright, just like you. Show your sunny personality by hitting the streets in ethnic-inspired garb.

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