How to Style a Wrap Dress

Popularized by visionary designer Diane Von Furstenberg, the wrap dress is considered as one of the best fashion investments any woman could have. And with the resurgence of the 70’s trends, wrap dresses have come back with a vengeance. Be in tune with this summer trend by following these tips on how to style a wrap dress.

Keep it Simple

A wrap dress is a fashion statement by itself, so you don’t have to waste most of your waking hours styling it to the tee. Should you go for a plain or a printed wrap dress, styling should be as simple as wearing it with low-key accessories and donning it with flat shoes or nude pumps. When it comes to how to style a wrap dress, simpler is always better.

simple wrap dress

simple printed wrap dress

Add Layers

While summer is undeniably hot, your office might not be. Save yourself from the summertime sicknesses by layering your beautiful wrap dress. When it comes to how to style a wrap dress, wearing a turtleneck top, oxford top, crop top, or loose tee under your wrap dress can make a difference. Not only will layering make you look fashionable, it saves you from the sweat that comes with wearing a thick blazer or coat.

layered wrap dress turtleneck under wrap dress alexa chung wrap dress

Outshine in an Obi Belt

If the usual belts and bows bore you to tears, then you should know how to style a wrap dress with an Obi belt. This thick, Japanese-inspired belt is a stunning addition to your wrap dress outfit. Not only will it accentuate your waist, it can add an element of savviness to your simple wrap dress attire.

black wrap dress with obi belt wrap dress with obi belt

Put a D-Ring on It

Bows and ribbons make for good ways on how to style a wrap dress. But if you want to elevate your look, then put a d-ring belt on it. This hardware belt will accentuate your dress and highlight your waist. With a D-ring belt, you can flaunt your curves – or at least create the illusion that you have some!

beige wrap dress with d-ring green wrap dress with d-ring

Go Structured

Most wrap dresses are made with flouncy, lightweight fabrics, that is why they have to be cinched with a belt or a bow. But if you want to channel a polished look, then you should know how to style a wrap dress for work. For the corporate setting, choose a wrap dress made of thicker fabrics. The structured look will make you a certified office power dresser.

white wrap dress green structured wrap dress structured wrap dress

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