How to Style a Pair of Simple White Sneakers

One of the biggest trends of the season that we see continuing on to the next ones is wearing sneakers with everything. Now, if you’re a girly girl who’s used to wearing just either flats or heels with everything, this trend may not be something you would be excited about but trust me, you’re gonna love it! White sneakers are so simple but they can be so chic when worn right. Here are some ideas on how to style a pair of simple white sneakers.

  • MINIMALISTIC – love the minimalistic look? Then you’d have no problem sneaking in those white sneakers into your look. They’re simple, they’re easy to mix and match and they’re very versatile. It’s hard to screw up a minimalistic look with white sneakers so if you’re new at sporting a pair, you might want to start with this one.

minimalistic look with white sneakers

minimalistic outfit idea

  • HEAD TO TOE WHITE – whether you’re doing the winter white trend or you’re simply planning ahead for your Labor Day outfit, a pair of white sneakers is the perfect way to cap off a monochromatic white look. To keep the look clean and crisp, make sure that all the white pieces in your ensemble are of the same shade / whiteness.

head to toe white look head to toe white

  • BLACK AND WHITE – black and white never fails to give any outfit that sleek, edgy look but if you’re doing black and white and you don’t want too much of that, you can always finish off your outfit with a pair of white sneakers to lend a casual look and feel to your outfit.

black and white outfit black and white cool outfit black and white sneakers

  • SUBTLE OFFICE REBEL – sick and tired of blending in a massive sea of suits and heels at the work place? Why blend in when you can stand out? Wear your usual office outfit and instead of slipping into your everyday pair of heels, wear white sneakers instead. It’s a great way to pack some personality into your look and really give it some attitude plus it’s going to be way more comfortable than wearing heels, too.

office outfit with white sneakers office outfit white sneakers office outfit sneakers

  • SUMMER STREET STYLE – summer is the perfect time to get creative with trends and mix and match what you have in your closet. You can wear your white sneakers with your summer dresses for a fresh look that’s chic but not too overly girly and sweet. You can wear your summer skirt and top combo with your white sneakers, too, for an easier and more relaxed look.

summer dress and white sneakers summer print on print summer street style outfit

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