How to Style a Long Cardigan

Cardigans – considered fashion staples – come in numerous shapes and sizes. Lately, one that has taken the fashion center stage is the long cardigan. Because of its extended length, it affords more coverage – and flair! Take hold of this trend with these hot ways to style a long cardigan.

Go Classical with Denims

Denims look great with virtually anything, so it’s bound to look mod with a long cardigan.

black cardigan and jeans

When styling a long cardigan, think about contrast. If you have a frilly, feminine cardi, then wear it with ‘boyish’ jeans, such as distressed denim or boyfriend pants.

long cardigan and jeans

Look Luxurious in Leggings

If you are tired of the usual sweater and leggings look, then consider trading your top for a long cardigan. This stylish combination can make you look hot – even in this nail-biting weather.

beige cardigan and leggingslong cardigan with leggings.

Go Long – and Short

Fashion is all about contrast. So if you want to rock a long cardigan, then wear it with shorts. But since it is winter, make sure to hide your glamorous gams underneath thick tights or leggings.

long cardigan and shorts_ long cardigan and shorts__

Still on the long and short of things, another great piece that looks stunning with a long cardigan is the mini skirt. This sexy item, like the shorts, adds contrast to your attire. Again, to keep your legs from freezing, wear tights or leggings underneath. The high and low of these items can create a style that’s worthy of a runway.

long cardigan and skirtlong cardigan with mini skirt.

Be a Darling in a Dress

There are so many dress styles out there, so there’s bound to be a cardigan-and-dress pairing that will suit your taste.

dress and long cardigan

Keeping true with the long and short tradition is a mini dress. Again, the long cardigan adds a creative layer, which is vital for the winter season.

dress with long cardigan

Another dress to wear with a long cardigan is a maxi dress. This flowy attire is not only for the spring and summer, it is meant for winter as well. Its long length covers your legs, so leave it to the long cardigan to cover your arms. Create a shapely silhouette by accessorizing with a waist-cinching belt.

long cardigan and brown maxi dresslong cardigan and maxi dress

A long cardigan is something you should try this winter. With its opulent style and longer length, it can provide more stylish coverage.

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