How to Steal Coco Rocha’s Fabulous Maternity Style

Coco Rocha’s pregnancy announcement a few months back took us by surprised but also wowed us a great deal. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can check it out on her Instagram page @cocorocha. It’s a short clip that literally looks like a page out of her book “Study of Pose”. Soon after the announcement, Coco’s bump started to grow bigger and we started seeing more of her awesome, gorgeous, glamorous maternity looks. If you’re a fan, check out these tips on how to steal Coco Rocha’s fabulous maternity style.

  • FLAUNT YOUR BUMP – having a growing belly with your bundle of joy inside is nothing to be ashamed of. If anything, it’s something that every expecting mother should be proud about. Coco never seemed interested in hiding her bump away from the public’s eyes. Her maternity looks always feature her bump proudly protruding, be it for a simple everyday Instagram OOTD pose or on the red carpet.

coco rocha outfit

  • STICK TO NEUTRALS – you’ll often see Coco wearing a simple black dress layered up with another gorgeous piece like a fur coat or a structured jacket and this always ends in a pretty amazing look. Sticking with neutrals is a great way to dress up your bump without necessarily drawing in all the attention to it. It’s a great styling trick if you want to wear a statement piece that you want to set as the focal point of your look.

all black with leather jacket cute printed dress black and white shirt

  • WEAR STATEMENT PIECES – speaking of focal points and statement pieces, why don’t you try wearing one when creating a look to dress up your bump? Coco Rocha always has something big and bold to add to her look and while we know she’s not upstaging her bump, adding a statement piece of clothing or accessory can take the attention away from it so if that’s your goal, you know what to do.

fahsion week outfit fur jacket and black dress coco rocha edgy outfit

  • WEAR HEELS – many ladies stop wearing heels once their belly starts growing but I think as long as you can keep your balance, you should go for heels, even if they’re not 6 inches tall or anything taller. Heels can add a hint of the sexy vibe to your look and, let’s be honest, when you’re pregnant, ‘sexy’ is one of the things you often aim for when dressing up. Choose high heeled shoes that offer more balance and support. Platform pumps and those with chunkier heels are perfect for these.

fashion week look winter maternity style

  • HAVE A LITTLE FUN – I know I said earlier you should stick to neutrals like Coco Rocha does but there are also times when she leaves her blacks and browns at home and steps out wearing something a little brighter and more colorful which really accentuates the bump and makes it look flattering.

vintage ann sui dress high waisted wide legged pants coco rocha red carpet

  • STAY TRUE TO YOUR STYLE – don’t let your pregnancy dampen your style game. Coco Rocha’s style has always been more on the glam side and even during pregnancy, she looks amazingly glamorous.

original outfit printed matching suit

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