How to Stay Stylish on the Go

Women today are so busy, it’s no wonder those who are able to have successful careers, create beautiful families, keep amazing bodies, and stay stylish on top of it all are admired by millions of other girls aspiring to become the same. If you’re a modern woman who is struggling to be efficient with the daily things and look fab while doing it, be sure to check out these tips on how to stay stylish on the go.

  1. Stock up on the basics – one can never go wrong with the basics of fashion, so if you don’t always have much time to come up with creative looks, a solid outfit that’s classy and timeless made up of the basics is definitely something you can
  2. Find your own style aesthetic – what is your style aesthetic? Do you find yourself creating more beautifully embellished hippie looks or do you gravitate more towards simple, minimalist looks? Would you rather wear retro or something more modern? Whatever your choice is, it’s important to find your own aesthetic that you can master and is flattering on you.polka-dots-outfit
  3. Master your combos – mastering which prints and patterns work together or what colors go beautifully with one another is one more way to keep yourself looking stylish, even when you’re always on the simple-but-stylish-dress
  4. Stick to neutrals – if you’re the kind who gets easily overwhelmed by too much variety, a safe thing to do to stay stylish while on the go is to stick to neutrals. A look that’s neutral on neutral is super easy to pull off, and it eliminates the need to choose which colors to wear with what.perfect-outfit-for-busy-girls killer-outfit-super-simple
  5. Create a uniform – no, I’m not telling you to buy the exact same thing five or seven times. What I mean by creating a uniform is to create a signature look that you can put together in a jiffy. For the girls who don’t mind basic outfits, a t-shirt, jeans, and some sneakers could pass as their everyday uniform cute-outfit-black-and-white
  6. Choose comfort over style – this is something that I always tell everyone who asks for fashion advice, especially those that I know are always on the go. If you’re wearing an outfit for the whole day, it’s important to be comfortable in it. Otherwise, you really won’t be able to pull it off and you might just end up looking awkward every time you fidget in your gorgeous-but-simple-outfit



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