How to Shop for Faux Fur

Few things are more fabulous than a fur coat as they keep you warm while looking glamorous. If you’re an animal lover, you can now wear the trend guild-free as the high-quality faux fur is now available. From vests to collars, scarves, bags, and coats, faux fur is popping up everywhere. So, keep on reading for our guidelines on how to shop for faux fur.

Select a cheaper yet lush and equally desirable ensemble.


white-fur-coat-with-nude-top-and-white-jeans fur-dress-with-designer-bag-and-boots

A great thing, faux fur is no longer considered a cheaper alternative but a lush and equally desirable fluff. “It no longer has a stigma attached to it as it both shines and comforts you just like the real thing. I have invested a great deal of time sourcing the perfect faux fur and can happily say it mirrors the quality of real fur to a great degree,” said Charlotte Beecham, a British-based designer.

Go for practical yet statement-making fur item.

all-white-outfit-with-sneakers-and-fur-keychain fur-scarf-with-all-white-outfit-and-trendy-sneakers fur-scarf-with-gray-coat

So what’s the piece every woman should have in her closet? “I can sling it over my shoulder as I rush out to work or slip it through into a cuff that sits snug around my neck. I love that an accessory has the ability to rejuvenate any old look,” she says. Like fashion blogger Jenny Tsang, you may opt for a fur scarf that can be worn with a belt to keep it in place while looking stylish and cozy. Or, add some pop of glam with a fur keychain that will look cute on your everyday bag like fashion blogger Nina Suess did.

Opt for an ethical sourced fur that’s origin assured.

fur-coat-with-pink-shoes preppy-outfit-with-socks-and-sandals fur-vest-with-breezy-black-outfit

Animal lovers can rest assured knowing that the synthetic process used to make faux fur materials has become so advanced that it’s often hard to tell the real and man-made apart. Before buying any fir-related item, check the label. Leather or skin is a giveaway that it’s real, while fake fur typically has a fabric backing. Also, natural animal hair often tapers off at the tips and the faux version has blunter, straight edges. Though it’s a personal choice when it comes to wearing real or faux fur, it’s still good to know what you’re buying.

Look for silky smooth hand feel and glossy sheen faux fur.

vest-with-fur-skirt-and-jeweled-belt fur-scarf-with-long-sweater-and-leather-trousers black-fur-coat-with-casual-outfit

Remember, not all faux fur is created equal, so you must know what to look for in a quality, well-made piece. You may look for faux fur that mirrors real fur in the way that fibers are different lengths, which means it looks more believable to pass as real. Keep an eye out for the acrylic fibers kanecaron or tissavel, which have the best texture and last longer. “Personally, I look for a silky smooth hand feel and glossy sheen,” Beecham said. Feel the fabric where the softer means the better. On the contrary, poor quality synthetic fur can be itchy and uncomfortable. Also, top-notch faux fur will retain its shape, meaning if you touch it, the fibers should quickly fall back in place. By heeding our guidelines, you’ll be able to pick the best faux fur item to spice up your style.

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