How to Shop for a Clothing Bargain

If you’re a savvy shopper, you’ll want to maximize your savings while looking your best. If you normally shop at the end of the season to score some functional pieces, or you wait for your favorite item to be moved at the clearance racks, you’re on a good track. Sales are everywhere, but if you wish to get creative about the places you buy things and think outside the big-name box, keep on reading for our tricks.

Outlet Shops

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Outlets used to be the first outpost of the bargain hunter, but as this business has become firmly entrenched, outlets sometimes sell their own brands offering clothes that never make it into actual stores. However, consider the item and price as sometimes the outlets place full price as same as the cost at the regular store. Also, examine the items you’re about to buy carefully as some may have factory defects and damage which don’t qualify them to go to the actual stores.

Overstock Websites

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If you wish to get real bargains on designer labels, search for overstock websites. You may find a range of sites selling brand-new stuff, usually with tags still on, at complete bargain-basement prices. However, be aware of fake designer items and knockoffs that can trick you to buying less expensive yet not worthy items. By checking overstock websites, you can wear designer pieces and look more fashionable for less.

Vintage, Consignment, and Thrift Stores

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Like any store, these eclectic selections can be hit or miss. They’re not the types of places to find something highly specific, but they are the place to find a true bargain on some very distinctive pieces. You may spot a designer handbag, hardly used, for $15, or a pair of designer shoes never worn, for $5, as well as a chic coat, tags on, for $20. However, sizes are not always made for you especially on shoes and clothes, so you’ll probably take a trip to a tailor or leave the item on the racks. For adventurous shoppers, these types of stores offer the thrill of the serious bargain. You’ll never know when the hunt for the unexpected will give you a fabulous and cheap gem.

Tag Sales, Yard Sales, and Garage Sales

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These places are sometimes risky to buy clothes because people are inclined to overprice something that means a lot to them. For instance, if they know they paid $200 for that winter coat two years ago, so they’ll put it in their front yard for $50, when to you it’s only worth $5 or $10. So, bargain gently in these situations, so you’ll end up with a really good deal. By considering these tricks, you’ll be able to shop for a clothing bargain strategically.

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