How to Rock Your Tweed Jacket

Tweed jackets are one of the great investments for winter as the material is warm and sturdy. But if you think you’re lost when it comes to styling these winter staple, keep on reading for styling tricks on how to rock your tweed jacket.

tweed jacket with jeans and boots

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For a casual chic style, you may pair your tweed jacket with blue denim jeans whether it’s ripped, plain, washed, faded, or distressed to spice it up without looking overdone. Blue denim jeans are more casual than other colors, so skip a graphic tee, round neck t-shirts, as well as sneakers or rubber shoes to avoid looking too casual and mismatched wearing a tweed jacket as your outerwear. Keep in mind that tweed jackets are not like hoodies or varsity jackets that can give you an athletic look when worn with your trainers so avoid combining them at all costs. If you want to create a casual look wearing tweed jackets, it’s always better to go for V-neck shirts instead of round necks as they look dressier.

tweed jacket with black jeans tweed jacket with black pants tweed jacket with skinny jeans tweed jacket with white jeans tweed jacket with white pants

If you want to look dressier without turning into skirts and dresses, you may still opt for jeans in neutral shades like black or white wash as they look more formal. Leggings or black skinny jeans can be a great alternative as they balance the bulky and heavy look of tweed. As your top, you may wear a button-down shirt inside a tweed jacket as the shirt is very lightweight and goes well underneath any coat or jacket style. Dress pants in neutral shades are great options too if you’re planning to sport your tweed jackets on your workplace to keep it professional while maintaining its laid-back feel.

tweed jacket with leather joggers tweed jacket with leather shorts and heels tweed jacket with leather shorts tweed jacket with

Tweed jackets are feminine enough to soften your edgy leather ensembles. Leather trousers, leather shorts, leather skirts, and even leather joggers are great to contrast with the soft texture of tweed. For creating more interest in your outfit, introduce more textures like a lace top, a cotton tee, a chiffon blouse and such. Just finish your look with boots, classic pumps, or statement shoes.

tweed jacket with white dress tweed jacket with crop top and dressy shorts tweed jacket with blouse and skirts tweed jacket with black dress

Dresses, blouses, skirts, and even chic shorts look great when paired with tweed jackets. If you may, you can show off your layering skills by wearing a lightweight blouse, tweed jacket, fur vest, full skirt, and coat all at once. Just wear a slim belt like Blair Eadie did to polish your look and give your silhouette some shape. Also, you can make your tweed jacket as a statement piece especially when you’re wearing a plain and dull outfit. Just opt for tweed jackets with creative designs and patterns to make a good statement.

Tweed jackets are a winter must-have staple that can take you from day to night. Just be tasteful styling them so you’ll keep stylish without compromising comfort.






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