How to Rock the Rock Chic Style

If you’re ever tired of classic, minimalist, feminine, and bohemian fashion style, maybe it’s time to for you to try rock chic style. It’s rather boyish than feminine and it has a really edgy vibe to it. If you’re thinking of heavy metal music, tattoos all over the body, and wondering how a “rock” look can be chic, keep on reading to get some tricks to start putting your own twist to it.

animal print boots with rock chic outfit

statement boots with leather outfit studded boots with denim jeans and leather jacket studded sandals with classic outfit leather gloves with maxi dress and leather jacket

In creating this style, you must always keep the balance between the rock and chic looks. For instance, if you want to add some edge to your chic outfit like a classic top and skinny jeans combination, you may go hardcore with studded accessories like sandals, leather gloves, boots, jewelry, and handbag. Also, combat boots are the perfect addition to any outfit that needs some edge. On the other hand, if you feel too edgy on your outfit like a graphic shirt and distressed jeans combination, add some chic accessories like a hat, classic pumps, chic sunglasses, structured bag, and even gold or silver jewelry. Silver and black is usually the combo of choice by women who love to wear the rocker chick look though you can try wearing gold for a more polished and sophisticated take on this style.

graphic shirt with animal print boots graphic top with lesther pants graphic shirt with leather trousers graphic shirt with chic outfit

Graphic shirts are great for showing off your ‘tough girl’ vibe. You may sport some skull prints, word prints, slogans, portraits, graphics, and such to complement your style. Better keep the color of your shirt between neutral tones and skip feminine shades like pinks, purples, and light blues. Black and other darker shades are better than pastel ones. Wear it with your favorite pair of skinny jeans and you’re more than halfway through with your rocker chick look.

denim jeans with chic top denim shorts with leather jacket denim vest with rock chic outfit patchwork denim with flannel skirt distressed jeans with flannel shirt

Denim that is known to be the casual silhouette can be a great option for a rock chic look too. You can switch up your plain and regular denim with ripped and distressed ones to really get that going. Denim jacket, vest, shorts, shirts, and even skirts are a great selection. If you like, you may go for patchwork styles too that can vamp up your simple denim style. Also, denim adds some texture to your looks especially when you’re wearing an all black outfit. Though white or colored denim has distressed style also, darker wash like navy and black are your best choice.

leather jacket with printed pants leather jacket with ripped denim jeans leather skirt with sweater leather trousers with classic pumps and white top leather trousers with jacket

Of course, when we talk about the rock chic look, leather items are a must. Wear anything leather to add more of that rock chic vibe into your look, whether it be a leather skirts, leather dress, leather vest, leather trousers, leather jacket, a pair of leather boots, leather wrist wraps, or any other leather item that you can squeeze in there. Though colored leathers and classic ones like brown or white are highly fashionable, you may stick to black for an edgier vibe. Better opt for genuine or faux leather than a patent one since glossy finish may just give off a ‘party vibe’ rather than ‘rock chic vibe’.

black dress with cute leggings rock chic outfit with leggings rock chic outfit

If leather trousers are too hot for you and denim jeans are too casual for you, you may go for leggings, edgy shorts, and even rock chic skirts. You may wear a pair of black leggings underneath your shorts or skirts to keep that edge feel going. Take note of the details like studs, spikes, chains, and such that you may incorporate to your looks. If you’re going to sport a chic bottom like a pencil skirt or dressy pants, keep your top in the theme of the rock vibe to keep the balance as always.

all black rock outfit all black rock chic outfit

If you’re planning to rock the rock chic look, the effortless way to get the look is to just don the black pieces on and mix it up with a few different metal accents and accessories. Don’t be bothered about mixing colors since rock chic look has an eye for black pieces so feel free to go monochromatic.

Rock chic style is a means of bringing some edge to your typical casual and chic looks. Just be yourself and always put a spin and touch of personal touch to your style. This way, your street looks say a lot about you without having to speak.




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