How to Rock Studded Heels

Studded heels are a great fashion staple to add some edge to your dull and boring looks. These heels are all the rage right now, and you can definitely have fun incorporating them into your typical look. Keep on scrolling for stylish ways on how to rock your studded heels.

casual chic outfit with studded heels and coat

studded heels with casual chic outfit studded heels with denim on denim outfit studded heels with printed pants and blazer

Casual or casual-chic looks are great for incorporating studded heels to make them more tough and cool. Just remember that larger studs in your heels are less “dressy” than smaller ones, and pointy refined studs are fancier than round studs, or flat square studs. Sometimes your conservative outfit or an outfit assembled from basics like basic tee and jeans, chambray shirt and jeans, tank top and shorts, overalls and crop top, shirt and jogger pants and such need a little punch. The great thing, studded heels do the trick without looking too dressy or too formal on your footwear.

sweater and skirt with studded heels casual chic outfit with studded heels studded heels with gray outfit studded heels with silk shorts and top

If you want to show off some legs on sexy shorts and skirt, studded heels are a perfect match. The subtle platform or stiletto heel are elegant and not over the top, while the studs simply play the role of interesting detail that can make your style sexier and edgier without clashing with anything. Studs are not just for bikers anymore as they can be spotted everywhere.

fur and leather jacket with studded heels leather jacket and leggings with studded heels studded heels with jeans studded heels with leather jacket and full skirt studded heels with leather skirt and white shirt

An edgy outfit can still be spiced up by studs. Just keep in mind that it is possible to ruin an entire look by incorporating too many trends. Though studded heels can still be worn with a studded purse, studded belt, or a studded clutch, don’t wear them with a studded dress anymore so it wouldn’t look overkill. Studs are not subtle, so pair them with classics for maximum impact. For adding an edgy statement without studs other than your heels, go for a leather jacket, leather dress, leather skirt, leather top, and even leather accessories whether it’s a genuine one, a faux one, or a patent one.

studded heels with button down shirt and skirt studded heels with chic outfit studded heels with fluid top and skirt studded heels with pastelblue dress studded heels with pencil skirt and shirt

If you want to add some edge to your chic, sophisticated, and formal looks, go for studded heels instead of classic pumps and stilettos. Just look for heels with fabulous ones and skip those cheap-looking ones to avoid ruining your overall outfit. There are studs in a metallic finish like gold or silver ones that look fabulous in a party dress or skirt. To avoid looking mismatched on your footwear, go for a closed or peep-toe heels over strappy sandals that look too casual. To make it more sophisticated, go for neutral shades of your studded heels like black, nude, gray, or white so it’ll blend well with whatever you’re wearing.

studded heels with with nude dress studded heels with off-shoulder dress studded heels with all-red outfit

Monochromatic dressing or tonal dressing head-to-toe can easily look boring and dull. To avoid this, wear studded heels in the same shade of your outfit to keep the theme going without taking the interest on your style. There are studded heels with the same shade of the shoes, but going for studs with metallic finish won’t hurt you. Studded heels are versatile enough that can take you from day to night keeping that edgy touch on your style.



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