How to Rock Risky Spring Trends

Some spring trends are easy to wear, while some can be a little bit tricky. Perfect your fashion style like a model off duty with these tips on how to rock risky spring trends.


Cutouts are all the rage this season. While some are strategically placed, there are items with cutouts at the least-expected places. Avoid looking like a pin-up girl by covering up some bare areas of these spring trends. It will also help if you are able to balance out the sexy look with a loose or slouchy pair of pants.

white cutout top

white cutout dress


Like cutouts, lattice spring trends feature bare skin – although these expose you more. While the runway counterparts are more revealing, you need not worry as the RTW versions are usually more forgiving. Pull out these risky spring trends by wearing lattice in smart layers. Remember, sexy is good, but too much sexiness can make you look like a Hooter’s waitress.

white lattice dress yellow lattice dress

Army Trends

Army spring trends have always come and gone, and now they have made a huge comeback. When it comes to wearing these spring trends, always go for army colors and details. But rather than sticking with the bagginess of military wears, choose pieces that have sexier, tailored fits. It will also help if you wear them with ‘softer’ details for a balanced and chic look.

green army jacket green jogger pants

Athleisure Wear

Athleisure wear has been a constant factor in the list of spring trends. And why not? Looking sporty has never been this good. When wearing this, however, you should downplay the sporty look – unless you are headed to the gym for a HIIT work-out. Glam up your athleisure wear by pairing it with a simple or feminine piece.

rihanna athleisure outfit white sporty top jersey dress

Colored Trench Coats

Neutral-colored trench coats are safe and classic choices, but spring trends are all about going out of the box. So for your next outfit, why not try a colored trench coat? Soft and eye-friendly hues are great choices for a unique spring coat. But before you grab one from the shopping rack, scrutinize the coat details. Make sure it has all the great defining characteristics that trench coats are known for.

plum trench coat mint green trench coat cobalt trenchcoat

Lightweight Ponchos

Ponchos are usually reserved for the colder months, but the emergence of the lightweight poncho has made it a perfect item for the spring season. With that being said, these spring trends make for good companions wherever you go. Pair it with any bottom and a striking pair of shoes for a unique transitional look.

aztec print poncho woven poncho white georgia poncho

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