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How to Rock Red Lips

Red is one of the most flattering lipstick colors out there yet it is one of the most intimidating and one of the most overwhelming as well. A lot of people think that you should not be wearing red lipstick when you’re young and that you should only be wearing this color on your lips when you’ve stepped into adulthood but I beg to differ.  I think red lipstick looks fantastic on everyone, no matter what your age and skin tone / skin color is. Of course, you’ll have to find the perfect lip stick / lip lacquer / lip stain that will make you look and feel your best but once you have that on hand, all that you’ll need to do is wear red lips like it’s nobody’s business. Check out these awesome tips on how to rock red lips.

  • Find the perfect shade of red – one of the key things in looking awesome with red lips on is to find the perfect shade of red for you. This will depend mostly on your skin (skin tone, under tone) but also on other factors like the size and the shape of your lips as well as other facial features. Remember that some shades of red will make your teeth look whiter while some will bring out their ‘yellowness’.

clean and natural

fierce natural look

  • Learn the tricks of the trade – many women hold off on wearing red lipstick because it’s too much work for them but if you really want to rock the perfect red lip, make sure that you learn certain tips and tricks of the trade to get your red lipstick looking gorgeous instead of gag-worthy. Some of the tricks worth mastering are: how to keep your lipstick from bleeding, how to keep red lipstick off your teeth and how to pull off a red lip any time of the day.

jessica alba red lips glam red lips

  • Try a natural look – since red lips are bold and are a statement in and of itself, there’s really no need to put on that much makeup (unless you’re going for a full look). Wear a natural look along with fierce red lips for a simple yet sexy look that’s great for everyday looks. If you want something more than just the basic and natural look, you can put on a bit more eyeliner to add drama to your look.

simple and natural look sexy red lipstick

  • Wear a smoky eye – just because red lips go well with a natural look, though, doesn’t mean you can’t wear it with other heavier and fuller looks anymore. One really sexy makeup look that I see a lot of women do is a heavy and dramatic smoky eye and hot red lips. This look is great for a night out with friends, a dinner date or even a dressy event.

velvety red lips blonde hair red lips

  • Use lip liner – is there’s one lip color that tends to bleed the most, it’s red so to keep your lipstick from bleeding and being all over the place, make sure you use lip liner underneath. Use your lip liner not just to do an outline of your lips but to fill it in as well. This will give you fuller-looking lips and will help keep your lipstick in place all day as well.

perfect red lip match kim kardashian red lips