How to Rock Boyfriend Jeans

If you have had enough of skinny jeans, then the newest trend – the boyfriend jeans – is definitely worth a try. Oversized and tastefully distressed, these comfy jeans have been the top choice of fashion mavens, from Beyonce to Jennifer Aniston. Pull the look off just like these fashionistas by heeding these tips on how to rock boyfriend jeans:

Cuff It Up

This baggy pair can make you look chunky if not worn correctly. To avoid adding the non-existing pounds to your fame, remember to cuff the ends of your denims. Shortening the length can balance the bagginess. Most importantly, it gives you the chance to show off your shoes. If you feel like cuffing your boyfriend pants, make it a point to wear the flashiest shoes ever!

Cuffed Boyfriend Jeans

Rolled Hem Boyfriend Jeans

Contrast is Chic

Contrast makes the fashion world go round. Look as chic as runway models by contrasting your boyfriend jeans with a feminine top, such as a floral tee or a lacy top. Complete the look with a strappy pair of stilettos. If you can’t bear to wear heels for so long, slip on some cute, printed flats.

Flirty Top Boyfriend Jeans

Floral Top Boyfriend Jeans

Be Sporty Spice

Since boyfriend jeans are reminiscent of manliness and athleticism, then a good way to style it is to wear it with sporty apparel and accessories. Go for a varsity top (or one which conveys an air of vigor.) If you want to look more ladylike, a sporty crop top will do. End the look with a great pair of sneakers and you’ll end up with a beautifully boyish style.

Athletic Boyfriend Jeans

Sporty Boyfriend Jeans

Go For Structure

If you are on the short or the curvy side of the spectrum, then pair your boyfriend denims with a structured top. A fitted blazer, a moto jacket or a military-inspired trench coat will look good with these free-flowing pants.

Leather Jacket Boyfriend Jeans

Tweed Jacket Boyfriend Jeans

Go High-Waisted

Another way to feminize your boyfriend jeans is to opt for a high-waisted design. Tuck your top in and belt your waist to show your curves. This simple trick can eliminate the baggy look – and cinch your waist as well.

High Waist Boyfriend Jeans

High-waisted Boyfriend Jeans

See? It’s not that hard to style your boyfriend jeans. Give your skinny jeans (and your legs) a breather by painting the town red with your trendy pair of boyfriend jeans.

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