How to Revolutionize Basic Fashion Pieces for Women

When it comes to fashion, chic is always classic. That’s why no matter how trendy the styles might be, there are no replacements for basic fashion pieces for women.

Although traditional trends are timeless, it would not hurt to spruce them up every so often. Get varied looks with basic fashion pieces for women simply by following these tips:

White Tee

A white tee is one of the best fashion pieces for women. It can be worn during summer or spring, and it can be used as a layer for fall or winter outfits. Although very simple, this top can make you look like a hundred bucks, when worn with a unique pair of bottoms.

white top and knit kimono

A good example is a pair of leather shorts, such as the one below. It can add spunk to your outfit without making you look like you are fresh off a rock concert.

white shirt and black leather shorts

Another stellar option is the stylish overalls. With this pairing, you can look casual – without the usual tee-and-pants get-up.

white tee and black overalls

If you want to look elegant but remain comfy in basic fashion pieces for women, then wear your white tee with a fun skirt. A floral flock, such as the one below, is just one of the many designs you can wear for spring – and the other seasons to come.

white shirt and floral skirt

Little Black Dress

A little black dress is one of the best basic fashion pieces for women. Because of its simplicity and elegance, it does not need a lot of tweaks and modifications.

capelet LBD
However, if you want to look sassier than ever, then you can always experiment with your footwear. Take the case of model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who paired her shapely LBD with a humble pair of Toms.

rosie whiteley black dress

Want to be able to wear your LBD to high-end events? Sometimes it is as simple as wearing hand gloves. Throw in a luxe pearl necklace for a Audrey Hepburn look and you can paint the town red (or black, in this case.)

amber heard LBD


In lieu of the traditional pants, leggings make for great basic fashion pieces for women.  With that being said, it is a beautiful building black for your spring wardrobe.

black leather leggings and vest

A fun idea to try is to wear shorts on top of your leggings. This is a lovely style to try for spring – especially if you feel that the wind is still too chilly.

shorts and leggings outfit

If you want to shake up your work wardrobe, then why not trade your pants for leggings? Leather leggings – such as the ones below – can transform your look from plain Jane to marvelous Mary!

coat and leggings

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