How To Revive Hair Extensions

Hi Guys , today i will show you  How To Revive Hair Extensions in easy and fast way !
So my hair extensions were in my drawer all matted and still curled from the last time I wore them out and I was dreading having to wash them. Then i watched the lovely Ciara’s YouTube video on how she revives her hair extensions and I thought why not give it a go.HOW TO Revive Hair Extensions
It involves an iron, ironing board, heat defense spray, hair brush and matted hair extensions. Odd combination I know. Mine are foxylocks extensions Link! and this method is not to be used on acrylic hair. Id recommend testing a small section of your extensions before trying this.

How To Revive Hair Extensions:

Turn your iron to the hottest setting and brush out one of your lines of extensions on the ironing board and spray with some heat protectant. 
how to Revive Hair Extensions tutorial
Place the iron on at the top of the extensions near the clips and keep the iron in the same position but pull the extensions through. Brush them again and flip them over to the other side and repeat. They should look like this.
HOW TO Revive old Hair Extensions
How to Revive Your Clip In Hair Extensions
How to Revive Your Clip In Hair Extensions diy
How to Revive Your Clip In Hair Extensions tutorial
I would totally recommend doing this to hair extensions that are becoming raggedy and frizzy. Brings back my Mum telling me about her and her sisters using the iron and ironing board to straighten their hair in there teens. Needless to say i’m not going to mention my Mums age as this could possibly turn into the last post I ever write. Be sure to check out the gorgeous Ciara’s Youtube here ! she does tutorials and reviews, such a nice girl to watch and has great tips like this one.

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