How to Resolve Style Conflicts in Your Outfits

Fashion rules may govern our wardrobes, but even though you’re bold enough to break those rules, you can still find some style conflicts in your wardrobe. So, keep on reading for our guidelines on how to resolve style conflicts in your outfits.

  1. Neutral colors are timeless but a bit boring to your personality.

classic-shirtdress red-suitpants-with-nude-heels

Regardless of your personality, what you wear influences how you feel and how you are perceived. All of us might be encouraged to build a closet full of neutral colors for maximum versatility, but if you find them too boring for your personality, try to go for classic prints and jewel tones that can still look classy and timeless without being boring. Like fashion blogger Noor de Groot, think of a plaid print shirtdress instead of a plain one, or red pantsuit that you can wear from your casual weekends to the office with appropriate styling.

  1. Heels are ladylike but overwhelm for your tall frame.

gladiators-with-colorful-romper denim-shortalls-with-ankle-strap-sandals

Before ditching heels totally, know first your own perception of being a tall woman and how other women feel about that.  For some reasons, you may feel that your height intimidates and wearing heels will only exaggerate your features. Remember, there are many elements of your physical appearance and personality that may actually balance your height out and make you approachable. You may discover that you are fairly balanced, so your heels and height are completely fine. Like fashion blogger Noor de Groot, you may resort to gladiators, strappy sandals, or even ankle strap sandals that will balance your leg line visually instead of nude heels and classic pumps.

  1. You love leather ensembles but find it too edgy for your feminine style.

checkered-skirt-with-biker-jacket leather-skirt-with-bodysuit chiffon-blouse-with-leather-trousers

If you naturally find leather ensembles stylish and functional, then consider adding some extra softness to your outfits to balance your personality and make you appearance more approachable. Like fashion blogger Jenny Tsang, you may balance your edgy leather trousers with a black chiffon blouse that looks feminine and chic, balancing your edgy statement. Or like fashion blogger Dawilda Gonzalez, for a form-fitting leather skirt teamed with a nude bodysuit that will show off your sexy curves naturally.

  1. Culottes are trendy but it overwhelms your petite frame.

pastel-pink-culottes-with-nude-heels peach-culottes-with-off-shoulder-top

If you think culottes will overwhelm your frame, think of going monochromatic like fashion blogger Sydne Summer did, wearing a matching top with your culottes and nude heels. Or, go for soft silhouettes on your culottes rather than boxy ones and balance it with a fitted top like fashion blogger Jenny Tsang did.

  1. You wish to look sexy but find it too dressy.

sexy-military-jumpsuitsexy-tank-top-with-denim-jacket-and-floral-shorts sexy-tank-top-with-skinny-jeans-and-birkenstocks

If you wish for a sexy statement but don’t like to make it too dressy, skip dresses and feminine skirts. Like fashion blogger Jennifer Grace, you may strategically make your military jumpsuit sexy by unbuttoning some holes, or top your casual chic outfit with a denim jacket. Also, think of plunging tank tops that you can wear with your skinny jeans and go for Birkenstock sandals over stiletto heels. By taking these things into consideration, you’ll create a comfortable and cohesive style that speaks of your personality.

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