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How to Repurpose Old Mascara Wands

Mascara is an important part of any makeup routine which is why it’s so easy to accumulate so much of this product and it’s inevitable to have some that are left unused (be it because of a bad formula, a bad wand or just because it was forgotten about due to the ridiculous number of other mascara tubes that live in your vanity and makeup kit). Before you throw anything out, though, go through each bottle and see which ones still have functional wands and by functional we mean those with the brush bristles still intact and those with the wands still in usable conditions. What do you do with these mascara wands, you ask? Well, recycle them, of course! Here are some cool ideas o how to repurpose old mascara wands. Make sure to clean up your wands and get rid of all the products left on them before you put them into alternative use.

  • Lash comb – isn’t crazy when all you want is to get longer, thicker lashes so you pile layers and layers of mascara on only to end up with clumpy lashes? Say goodbye to messy clusters of eyelashes (those look so fake, by the way) and hello to neat and natural looking lashes. Take a clean old mascara wand and run it through your lashes when your mascara dries to comb and separate your lashes for a more natural look.

long and lush lashes

lash comb natural looking lashes

  • Eyebrow brush – another really good way to use an old mascara brush is to use it to brush and tame your brows. This is especially helpful if you have thich, bold and bushy brows that just won’t seem to stay put in just one direction. Spritz your old wand with a bit of hairspray and run it over your brows to lock them in place.

brow spoolie bold bushy brows natural brows

  • Root touch ups – touching up your roots can be a real pain if you don’t know what you’re doing and if you don’t have the right tools to do it. Sometimes, when you’re touching up just a small area, you just can’t because color gets everywhere. This is where an old mascara wand comes into play. Dip your wand in your coloring solution and brush off your roots and you’re done!

root touch ups unnecessary perfect root color root touch up tool

  • Tame frizzy flyaway hair – constantly battling with frizzy flyaway hair? Aside from those little strands of hair sticking out being an eyesore, they prevent you from getting that super sleek hairstyle you want, too! To keep these strands at bay, take a clean old mascara wand, spritz it with some hairspray and use it to brush the flyaway hairs in with the rest of your hair.

frizz and flyaway hairfrizzy hair fix long and lush lashes blonde ponytail kim k sleek hair

  • Lip exfoliator – got chapped lips? Colder days are coming soon so make sure you have something to exfoliate your lips with to keep them soft. You don’t need to buy expensive lip exfoliants and whatnot, though. You can simply take a clean old mascara wand, cover it with Vaseline and start scrubbing those dead skin cells away!


lip exfoliator vintage red lip soft nude lips sleek straight hair