How to Refresh Your Casual Style with Kendi Skeen

A casual style is commonly the most basic and effortless look we usually take for granted with the thoughts of off-duty and relaxed vibe. However, you don’t have to look overdressed when heading to the streets for a casual walk, as some creative tweaks can refresh your casual style instantly. Mind behind the Kendi Everyday blog, Kendi Skeen is a Dallas-based style blogger known for her creative casual style with simple yet artistic tweaks. Keep on reading to scoop some of her tricks.

  1. Trade some basic ensembles to trendy yet sleek pieces.

off shoulder ruffled top with jeans

sweatpants with tank top and blazer sweatpants with navy topsweater dress with velvet boots ombre coat with strappy sandalsclassy and sophisticated outfit

If you’re tired of wearing your black skinny jeans or straight-leg pants over and over again, think of trading them with a chic pair of sweatpants. Like Kendi, you can still create a chic, sleek, and polished look as long as you go for pieces with tailored and structured silhouettes. Also, think of trading your trench coat with a woven coat that creates a fresh look. The key is to keep your fabrics elegant and your color choices classic so you’ll create a minimalist and classy outfit no matter how trendy or modern your ensembles are.

  1. Wear creative color combinations on your outfit.

burgundy pants with light blue sweater and button down shirt orange dress with pink bag and scarf pink maxi dress with denim jacket pink top with red skirt and nude pumps

Wearing pink with blue, orange with pink, burgundy with turquoise, pink with red and such can create an eye-catching and modern look perfect for your casual style. Like Kendi, stick to an unusual color combination like red and pink, but keep the rest of your outfit muted to avoid looking flashy. Like her, you may even think of the coordinating colors on your accessories or switch to a pair of nude sandals to keep your casual style sleek.

  1. Incorporate prints into your casual look.

abstract print dress with chic blazer striped top with floral pants plaid pants with striped top and cape nautical striped top with flared jeans floral jumpsuit with denim jacket

Abstract prints, geometric prints, and novelty prints are modern and fashion-forward. If you’re adventurous like Kendi, creatively mix and match your prints paying attention to the scale and color of your patterns. For instance, stripes can be considered as neutral, just like how you treat neutral colors. So feel free to wear them with floral prints, plaids, abstracts, geometrics, polka dots and such to create a fresh casual style.

  1. Add a pop of color with your accessories.

green bag with casual chic outfit white skirt and pastel top with red pumps pink bag with white dress lace dress with denim jacket and yellow bag and peep toe sandals

If all else fails, then make up your looks with your accessories. A pop of color from a red pair of pumps or a green bag can be enough to add some life to your casual street looks. When wearing brightly-colored accessories, you may think of white or other pastel outfits so you’ll create a good color contrast that’s pleasing to the eyes. For instance, a pink or yellow bag will look better with a white dress over black and navy ones.

  1. Be a style chameleon on your street looks.

bohemian dress with leather boots and hat edgy outfit with peep toe boots colorful top with jeans and transparent bag chic top with floral skirt and nude pumps chambray dress with sneakers casual cool outfit with slip on sneakers

A casual street style doesn’t mean resorting to a tee and jeans all the time. Like Kendi, be creative to create multiple looks by mixing and matching your pieces together. Whether you’re a fan of bohemian, sporty cool, romantic, edgy, or sophisticated look, incorporate some trademarks of them to bring some fresh touches to your casual style, looking fashion-forward and unique.

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