How to Purge Your Winter Wardrobe

Winter may be the time of the year you wear most of your clothes just to keep you warm. However, we’re well into spring and the BBQs and beach outings are just around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to purge your winter wardrobe. So, keep on reading for our guidelines.

Clean your closet and make space.

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Cleaning your closet will help you examine those clothes you’re emotionally or financially attached to. You might have bought plenty of items on an impulse because they were on sale, but they’ve sat untouched in your closet, with the tags still attached, year after year. If you’ll clean your closet and toss the items you don’t need, you’ll be happy with what will remain, so you can move your winter items to a different closet or store them away until next year. Just make sure the storage location is cool and dry and that all stored clothes are clean. Also, mothballs will help to keep moths and other pests at bay.

Say goodbye to well-worn clothes or trendy items that you’re unlikely to wear again.

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As we say goodbye to the cooler weather, it presents the perfect timing to purge our winter wardrobes. Instead of storing all of your bulky winter knits and chunky boots for another year, take the opportunity to purge your closet. Start by getting rid of anything in your wardrobe that you haven’t worn in the last three years. Remember, if you haven’t worn it in three years, don’t think you’re ever going to wear it in the future, especially trendy pieces that will be out of fashion sooner. “If you didn’t wear it this winter, are you really going to store it all year only not to wear it next winter? Get rid of it,” says professional organizer, Peter Walsh. “Also, discard clothes that are torn, soiled, or just out of fashion,” he added. By doing this, you can create space for fresh clothes and accessories you’ll need to get you through the spring or summer season.

If it doesn’t fit, get rid of it.

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Too many women hold onto “skinny” clothes or motivational clothing in the hope that they’ll fit them again one day, and or that the said item will help motivate them to lose weight. However, every time you see them, you’re more likely to feel guilty that you can’t fit them, rather than motivated to lose weight. Just in case you do lose weight, you’ll probably want to reward yourself with some new clothes. If it doesn’t fit, then it’s time to say goodbye.

Don’t hold on to emotion.

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You may find a lot of sentimental and hand me down clothing in your closet that takes so much space. So, try not to hold on to too many clothes for emotional reasons. Just because you get rid of the item, that doesn’t mean you let go of the memory attached. It might be fine to keep a few items for emotional reasons, but not half a wardrobe. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to purge your winter wardrobe successfully.

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