How to Pull Off Wearing Black to a Wedding

Wedding season is upon us so you might be facing a lot of invites and thinking of what are you going to wear to all these events. Though white must be saved for the bride, you can actually make your little black dress your go-to wedding outfit with our styling tricks.

Choose a dress with a great fit and avoid longer lengths.


see-thorugh-black-dress-with-hair-bow black-dress-with-structured-bag

Remember, wedding isn’t a red carpet so avoid longer lengths of dresses just to look feminine. Black may have the negative connotation to a joyous ceremony, but if you’re going for a chic outfit, it can be appropriate. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may opt for a fit-and-flare dress or a chic see-through dress that looks girly and chic. Better skip maxi skirts and dresses, as well as Victorian and gothic style of dresses to avoid looking like an antagonist like the movies perceived women in wearing dark or red outfits. You may think that dresses are an absolute must when attending a wedding, but sleek, billowy palazzo pants are equally glamorous. The key is to make sure that your pants are well-tailored to keep your looks elegant and classy.

Steer clear of flat fabrics, and go for feminine textures.

sexy-black-lace-dress-with-leather-jacket tuxedo-blazer-with-fur-skirt-and-ankle-strap-sandals metallic-silver-and-black-cocktail-dress-with-peep-toe-boots

Flat fabrics look dull or even gothic-inspired so better avoid them at the weddings. Some differing textures, prints, or embellishments to up the party vibe. Lace may be feminine and chic, but choose ones that look classy over Victorian-inspired looks. Like fashion blogger Jessica Stein, you may opt for a chic halter dress in black lace that can be perfect for a wedding. Also, a tuxedo blazer worn with fur skirt like Annabelle Fleur’s wearing can also be great. However, avoid tulle skirts in black as it looks dramatic for a wedding.

Incorporate classic print to your black outfit.

chic-black-and-white-floral-dress-with-t-strap-sandals gold-and-black-dress-with-ankle-strap-sandals sequin-black-skirt-with-gingham-shirt

A sure way to get away with wearing black to a wedding is to incorporate a print. It doesn’t get more wedding-appropriate than floral prints, metallic accents, and classic patterns, even if the background of the pattern is black. So whether the flowers are colorful or white, rest assured that this look is totally perfect for the occasion. Like fashion blogger Jenny Bernheim, opt for a dress in floral print consist of black and white hues that look chic and feminine.

Balance your black outfit with chic feminine accessories.

colorful-necklace-with-black-dress black-lace-dress-with-leopard-print-bag-and-pumps all-black-outfit-with-sandals-and-chic-clutch

Strappy heels will elevate the look even more, while edgy accessories will top it all off. When wearing your black dress to a wedding, keep it festive yet appropriate just like wearing a colorful jeweled necklace and metallic gold pumps with your velvet dress like Annabelle Fleur did. Or, keep it classic by going for a pair of leopard print pumps and bag like Blair Eadie did. Indeed, black is a timeless shade that you can wear to the wedding.

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