How to Pull Off the Androgynous Dressing Trend

Androgynous dressing is one of the newer trends in fashion this year. It is comparable to the earlier menswear inspired trend in the sense that they both have elements that give off a subtle masculine flair but dressing androgynous doesn’t always mean wearing menswear inspired items. You can pull off androgynous dressing even with the basic items from your girly wardrobe. If you’re curious as to how you can get it done, here are some tips on how to pull off the androgynous dressing trend.

  1. FORGO FORM FITTING SHIRTS – as much as they make you look super sexy and chic, form fitting shirts and tops are the number one thing you should avoid when you’re trying to do an androgynous look. These give off too much of a feminine vibe and that’s the opposite of what you want when you’re aiming for a gender neutral look.winter androgynous look
  2. OPT FOR CLEAN LINES AND A SIMPLE SILHOUETTE – no matter what the style you’re going for, it’s always best to opt for clean lines and a simple silhouette when creating an androgynous look. This means avoiding frills and froufrou when choosing pieces to wear with your look.striped hoodie and jeans super sexy androgynous look
  3. SNEAK IN A FEW MENSWEAR INSPIRED PIECES – when going androgynous, you will want to make sure that the look you are creating is gender neutral and is not leaning towards one side more than the other. To achieve this balance, sneaking in a few menswear inspired pieces along with your girly wardrobe is a must.oversized blazer and sneakers simple all black outfit
  4. RELY ON THE BASICS – gender neutral basics like a button up shirt, a flannel, a plain, white, crisp tee, some denims, low key sneakers and the like are essential when creating an androgynous look. These are the things that you can wear or layer with when trying to come up with a look that swings both ways. If you’re trying out this new trend and don’t want to commit just yet to it, these are the pieces that you can find in your wardrobe that will help you create the look you want.basic tomboy style basic denim on denim outfit
  5. STICK TO NEUTRAL COLORS AND SIMPLE PRINT STYLES – try to avoid wearing too much print when doing an androgynous look or wearing colors that are too bright or too vibrant. Neutral colors and simple print patterns like stripes or, at the most, polka dots are best when trying out this trend.camel coat and striped turtleneck top overalls with striped top
  6. KEEP ACCESSORIES ON THE DOWNLOW – try not to wear too much accessories when going for the androgynous look. Jewelry, especially, should be kept minimal and as simple or as dainty as possible.

cute casual androgynous look

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