How to Pull Off Jogger Pants at the Office

Jogger pants are one of the latest trends to hit the runway and the streets and if you haven’t already taken on this trend, it’s time that you do. Today’s jogger pants are not just for running or for the gym. There are plenty more styles to choose from that can help you create chic and fabulous street style outfits worthy of an Instagram OOTD. Once you’ve mastered creating gorgeous street style looks with the jogger pants trend, challenge yourself and take it a step farther by wearing it to the workplace. Impossible? Here are some tips, tricks and ideas on how to pull off jogger pants at the office.

  • WEAR IT IN NEUTRAL COLORS – those gorgeously bright jogger pants may be the first to have caught your fancy at the store but if you’re planning on wearing them to the office, it’s best to skip those vibrant hues and stick to neutral colors instead. This will give your outfit a more work place appropriate vibe.

jogger pants outfirt

neutral color jogger pants

  • GO FOR LUXE FABRICS – jogger pants naturally have a very casual and relaxed look which is why they’re typically not worn as part of office outfits but there is a workaround to this. Choose a pair of jogger pants in a luxe fabric such as leather or even silk and pair it up with any top from your work wardrobe to create a seriously chic outfit that you can wear to the office and beyond.

leather jogger pants jogger pants and blazer outfit

  • WEAR IT WITH A DRESSY TOP – another way to get away with wearing a pair of jogger pants to the office is by wearing it with a really dressy top that will take away the casual vibe of your pants and give your overall outfit a more polished look and feel. Any top with at least a little bit of structure would be ideal to pair with jogger pants for the office.

neutral jogger pants asymmetrical sweater outfit

  • PAIR IT UP WITH POWER HEELS – so your jogger pants still give off major casual vibes. No big deal. Just make sure to pair up with power heels to give it that #girlboss feel. A pair of classic black pumps with pointed toes or maybe even nude ones would look great with jogger pants.

chic office outfitstriped top and jogger pants

  • SAVE IT FOR FRIDAY – some offices have a certain day of the week when employees are allowed to dress down. Most of the time, it’s on Fridays (hence Dress Down Fridays) and wearing jogger pants on this day makes for the perfect day to night / desk to dinner outfit.

casual friday work outfit jogger pants for the office

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