How to Pull off Hair Accessories Like a Grown Up

If you’re someone who loves to play with her hair and sport different hairstyles all the time, I’m sure you have a ton of hair accessories in your vanity waiting to be used. Now, hair accessories can be a double edged sword for many. It will either make you look chic and sophisticated or it will make you look childish and juvenile (and not in a good way). Here are some tips on how to pull off hair accessories like a grown up.

gold o ring barrette hair chain hairstyle

  • STEER CLEAR OF CHEAP PLASTIC – you know those cheapsy little hair clips mom used to make you wear back in pre-school? Those just have no place in your grown up vanity. Steer clear of cheap plastic hair accessories. Not only will they ruin your look, they’re a big waste of money as well. I mean, sure, they’re very inexpensive and all but they never last.

brigitte bardot hair with black ribbon dainty pearl halo

  • GIVE VINTAGE A CHANCE – vintage hair accessories have that rustic, elegant look to them so why not give them a chance? You don’t have to go all out on the vintage look with your outfit. Vintage hair accessories are actually quite versatile and would make a charming addition to any look.

silk headscarf cute bridal hair accessory

  • TAKE THE DIY ROUTE – got a hair accessory idea you think would look really great with the outfit you have in mind but can’t quite find the perfect one? Instead of settling for second best, why not DIY the accessory you have in mind? A trip to the craft store and some creativity is all you need to get the job done.

simple feather headband black leather turban

  • FLOWER CROWNS WILL ALWAYS BE IN STYLE – if there’s one hair accessory you shouldn’t be afraid to stock up on, it’s flower crowns. Flower crowns are universally flattering. They’re always in style which means that you can wear them anytime, anywhere with anything. Fresh flowers are the best to work with but if you’re opting for plastic, at least take the time to pick out faux flowers that look realistic.

cute simple flower crown flower crown and pink hair

  • PICK THE DAINTIER ONE – to pull off accessories like a grown up, you will want to stick with smaller, daintier and more subtle pieces. Hair chains, for example, are much more preferable compared to headbands with oversized fascinator-like embellishments.

simple thin headband wire barrette

  • GO EASY ON SHINY AND SPARKLY PIECES – it’s easy to get lost in lalaland when you’re out shopping for hair accessories. With a multitude of colors, styles and designs to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. My advice? Don’t pick up too much of the shiny and sparkly stuff. Those are great for fancy, ritzy looks, sure, but not so much for everyday street style and casual looks.

small hair comb simple hair chain



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