How to Pick the Right Necklines for You

Every woman has their own facial features and body shapes, and when choosing the right outfit to flatter the most, necklines play an important role whether it’ll help you look slimmer, taller, and more stylish. Keep on reading to discover which necklines work for you, and which ones to avoid depending on your frame.


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Since V-neckline gives a vertical impression, it is universally flattering on all figures as it creates a leaner, longer, and taller silhouette. Especially for those who have a large bust, broad shoulders, thick torsos, short necks, as well as wide, round, and square jaws, this neckline is well suggested. Just watch the cut if you have a large bust as it can be too revealing. A very high V neckline can make a large bust look saggy while a plunging V can be too alluring. So, better opt for a wide V neckline that balances out your figure. But, if you want to draw attention away from the bust, avoid this type of neckline.

Round or Crew Neckline

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Because round neck extends high up on the chest, it decreases the amount of exposed skin between the chin and chest making some areas look wider especially if you have a large bust, a short neck, and a double chin. If you have a short neck, opt for a deeper scoop of round neck to make it flattering for you. This neckline is recommended for women with average to small bust as it gives the illusion of larger breasts as well as women with a long face as it cuts the length of the facial structure.

Square Neckline

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The square neckline is perfect for showing off your collarbone area and décolleté region that makes you appear longer and leaner. Women with firm necks and great skin look best in this type of neckline as it shows off your assets without revealing too much. If you have a round face, a square neckline balances your figure through its corners as well as it elongates a short neck and narrow shoulders if you have some. Pear-shaped women look best in this neckline too as it gives the shoulders a broader look and balances out the wide hips. But, if you have a large head in comparison to your upper body, better skip this type of neckline.

Sweetheart Neckline

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Sweetheart neckline is known for its two curves in the shape of a heart. Since this neckline has a shape to provide considerable coverage to the breasts, it works well in accentuating the cleavage that is perfect for large busted women. Also, women with an angular face look great in this neckline as the contours of the sweetheart neckline balance the looks. If you have a short chin and neck, wear it without a doubt as a sweetheart neckline show off your assets since the shoulders are mostly bare. You may also look for dresses with ruffles that look more feminine in this type of neckline.

Boat Neckline

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Boat neckline is also known as the bateau or princess neckline that is great for offsetting wide hips since it follows the curve of the collarbone. This style is best for women with a long face as it cuts the length of the facial structure as well as women with long necks and smaller heads since it can make both look wider. It also enhances bust area so it’s great for ladies with a small chest. But if you have a short and thick neck, be careful with this neckline as it will only call attention to these areas. A dress with a boat neckline and an A-line cut gives off a 60s vibe that you may opt for if you love vintage styles.

Scoop Neckline

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Scoop neckline displays the collarbone and elongates a short or thick neck. Nevertheless, keep in mind that a wide scooped neckline tends to flatter women with narrow shoulders as it makes the shoulders appear wider while smaller scoop disguises the large bust area for women with larger bust or broader shoulders. Just keep in mind that the scoop neckline also highlights a round, full face.

Cowl Neckline

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A cowl neckline is a draped neckline in rounded folds that hangs in a loosely fashionable way whether it’s high-necked or open one revealing more skin around the neck area. It can definitely make you look more striking, as this neckline style highlights the unique yet subtle look of your dress or blouse. Also, it adds dimension to a small bust yet can downplay the well-endowed ones, creating a leaner appearance. However, pay attention to the size and thickness of the cowl especially if you’re petite as the neckline tends to stand out with volume.


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Turtleneck has an extended tight-fitting high collar that tends to create volume in the neck area, making it best for those who wish to offset a long neck or face. Square body shape or those with narrow shoulders and faces gets the most benefit from this neckline. Also, women with small busts will benefit from this neckline as its bulk or volume in the collar line area is a great feature especially if your neck is relatively thin or long too.


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These are similar to boat necklines in a way they cut the figure horizontally, but in a lower and below the shoulders and collarbone. Off-shoulders are best for women with larger busts as well as for women with narrow shoulders that give shoulders a broader look. However, off-shoulders expose full shoulders that tend to make it look even wider so better skip this style if bulky arms.

Asymmetrical Neckline

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Women with a long neck, narrow shoulders, and thin arms look great with this neckline since it shows the areas. If you have a slim frame, you may choose an asymmetrical one with ruffles to add fullness. Nonetheless, if you have broad shoulders or large breasts, be careful wearing this neckline as the strapless feature may offer less support around the bust area and create the impression of broader shoulders making it appear bulky.

Halter Neckline

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Halter necklines are perfect for women with broad shoulders as they cut broad shoulder lines up and add curves. However, for women with a large bust and bulky arms, be careful with this neckline as it creates the impression of greater volume, making you look wider than you actually are.

Strapless or Tube

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A strapless or tube style tends to be most flattering on women who have wider shoulders and small busts since it leaves shoulders and arms fully displayed. On the other hand, if you have a fuller bust, you may go for braless as long as you know how to pull the look off with comfort, confidence, and elegance.

So, if you want to make the best of your outfits, go for the neckline that will be most flattering for your body. A nice outfit with unflattering neckline for you wouldn’t work well compared to a simple outfit with a great neckline that suits you.





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