How to Pick the Perfect Strappy Heels for You Feet

From intricate designs to a more streamlined construction, strappy heels come in many different styles for various occasions. While a chunky strappy heel can be worn for a picnic in the park, a classic black stiletto is perfect for a night out on the town. However, you must consider your body built when picking out a strappy heel as it may shorten you even more if you’re petite, and make your legs look stumpy if you’re bottom-heavy. So, keep on reading for our guidelines on different types of straps and heels for choosing the most appropriate shoes for your feet.

Muscular or Curvy Legs


vintage-dress-with-red-sandals tribal-print-skirt-with-gypsy-band-and-edgy-sandals

If you have muscular or curvy legs, opt for thick straps and chunky heels to balance your proportions. Frequently combined with a thick heel, chunky straps usually cross over the toes and buckle around either the heel or the ankle while closed-toed thick strappy heels cross over at the ankle. Many chunky heels also come with a platform base, but these are less formal. On the other hand, simple strappy heels in closed toe style with a strap around the ankle can be worn for more formal occasions. They are more streamlined than more complicated designs, exuding classic sophistication.

Thin Legs

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If you have thin legs, you may opt for ankle strap sandals that will balance your proportions. Also, you can get away with stylish embellishments like rosettes, flowers, gems, bows, and ruffles that will look great on you, which will add some whimsical vibe to your style. On the other hand, stilettos are the sexiest type of heel that you can wear with an evening gown or cocktail dress. Strappy stiletto heels produce a very dramatic effect, so don’t try to have them compete with the rest of an outfit.

Short Legs

modern-chic-outfit-with-metallic-gold-sandals wrap-dress-with-sandals tropical-print-dress-with-strappy-sandals

If you have short legs, better skip ankle strap sandals that will only shorten your frame even more. Or, simply opt for low-contrast shade on your sandals that will blend well with your skin tone. All heels aren’t created the same as some are long and lean while others are short and chunky. Depending you’re your frame, you may opt for stiletto style or cone style if you have slimmer legs, while chunky heels will flatter your thick and short legs. However, cone heels are much thicker than stilettos and can be easier to walk in.

Long Legs

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Not every shoe is made for every woman as tall women often are turned off by very high heels. If you have long legs, opt for kitten heels or heels that only a half inch to two inches high to flatter your frame. Remember, you should dress in what makes you feel good, not in what everyone else is wearing. So, keep these guidelines in mind so you’ll pick the perfect strappy sandals for your feet.

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