How to Pick the Perfect Poncho for Your Personality

Originally designed as a cultural garment by the natives in South America, poncho became a practical fashion choice used by many women. Simply a piece of square or rectangular fabric with a hole cut in it for the head, poncho became a lighter alternative to a winter coat, yet a heavier option than a sweater making you cozy and cool in a chilly weather. However, wearing poncho requires a strong personality and fashion taste to make the fashion staple work for you.

Casual Fashion Personality

classic poncho with striped outfit

jeans with turtleneck ponchi and leather boots jeans with poncho and floppy hat hooded poncho with jeans and pointed boots

A woman with a casual fashion personality prefers jeans over dresses and tees over dressy tops. Like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, you may think of a poncho with a hood to dress up your sporty outfit a bit while making it sleek in an all-black outfit paired with edgy boots. Or, simply trade your chunky sweater with a poncho to dress up your favorite jeans while adding some flair to your casual style. Casual dresses, shirtdress, and striped dresses can also be complemented with a casual, but sleek poncho to refresh your looks.

Classic Fashion Personality

black poncho with skinny pants gray poncho with floppy hat colorful poncho with boots color-blocked-poncho

A woman with a classic fashion personality aims for a streamlined, sleek, and elegant outfit, as well as sticks to the neutral palette of brown, gray, white, black, camel, and such. You may go monochromatic with a poncho that will give you a more sophisticated look, or play with the classic shades of red, blue, brown, khaki, navy, olive green and such shades that can be great for your style. Sometimes, a poncho can be made out of your oversized shawls and blanket scarves that you can simply top to your classic outfit like street style star Olivia Palermo did.

Romantic Fashion Personality

pink poncho with dressy heels patchworked poncho with black bag lace poncho with shorts gold necklace with poncho

A woman with a romantic fashion personality opts for pastel shades, touch-enticing fabrics, and flouncy silhouette. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may go for a printed poncho of your preferred color and spice it up with a gold choker, chic hat, and a quirky clutch. Going for feminine shades of pink, red, or purple can also be great to channel your feminine vibe while looking chic on your street looks. Though ponchos are typically made from wool and other woven fabrics, modern styles of ponchos can now be made from lace or silk that looks gentle and ladylike perfect for your romantic outfits.

Trendy Fashion Personality

turtleneck-poncho-with-slit-skirt-and-hat statement poncho with dress poncho with flared jeans poncho with camel pants flared pants with poncho color blocked poncho with boots asymmetrical poncho with jeans

A woman with a trendy fashion personality keeps her looks up-to-date whether in the form of architectural silhouettes, flashy colors, eccentric prints, or even avant-garde structures. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, you may opt for a turtleneck poncho with an architectural and boxy silhouette to add some flair to your monochromatic outfit. Street style star Helena Bordon add some trendy vibe to her looks by going for a color blocked poncho in bright colors making her street style more expressive, eye-catching, and trendy.

Indeed, ponchos are a functional and stylish piece that can take you from casual to more formal looks.

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