How to Pick the Flattering Swimsuit for Your Style

Swimsuit season is upon us and deciding what your beach personality is going to be can be tricky. Apart from looking for the best style and cuts that flatter your shape, you must also go for color and details that show your personality. Since you wish to look confident and expressing on your beach looks this summer, keep on reading for our style guidelines on how to pick the flattering swimsuit for you.

Minimalist Style

minimalist black swimsuit

white bikini swimwear minimalist black swimwear

A woman with a minimalist style is drawn toward blacks, whites, grays, as well as simple and non-fussy details. Like fashion blogger Jessica Stein, you may opt for a plain black swimwear with rounded cut-out patterns to add some interest to your style. Embossed details may be great, but skip those metallic beads, sequins, and flashy prints. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, simply dress up your swimwear with chic sunglasses or a hat when you’re on the beach side.

Romantic Style

floral print swimwear ruffled white bikini swimwear ruffled swimwear romantic red swimwear romantic bikini outfit pastel swimsuit frilly swimwear with crochet kimono

A woman with romantic style is drawn towards feminine shades, floral prints, and ruffles. Like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, you may think of pastel blue swimwear with ruffles to channel your feminine vibe. Ruffles can instantly add some flair to your summer looks even you’re just wearing plain, white swimsuits, but going for the shades of baby blue, pink, red, and other pastel hues can be great.

Bohemian Style

fringe swimwear tasseled swimwear

If you wish to bring your bohemian looks on the beach, go for swimwear with tassels and fringe details. It’s up to you whether you want to go for earthy shades of rust, red-orange, brown, and mustard, but going for pastels and bright hues can be a modern way of wearing the hippie look. Remember that fringes may add some volume to your frame so strategically opt for pieces that you want to wear on areas you wish to add some volume.

Edgy Style

black leather bikini swimwear tiger print swimsuit leopard print swimwear

Though leather may seem to be the edgiest fabric, it may be impractical when you plan to plunge into the waters. If you may, go for leather-like fabrics that will be comfortable and lightweight on the waters. Also, going for animal prints as well as graphic silhouettes can be great for looking sexy at the same time edgy on your beach looks. However, be careful going too far if you don’t want to give negative impressions on your upcoming summer getaway.

Trendy Style

color blocked swimwear sequin swimwear neon pink swimwear cut out swimsuit

A woman with trendy style is often seen in neon colors, eccentric silhouettes, and other fashion-forward details. To avoid looking flashy on your beach looks, go for simple yet colorful styles on your swimsuits. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, opt for color blocked styles on your bikini that look trendy but not too flashy. Going a neon pink shade on your swimwear can also be great as long as it flatters your skin complexion.

Glamorous Style

classy black swimwear bikini metallic silver bandeau top with tankini glamorous simwear emerald green swimwear

If you’re a woman with a glamorous style, classic shades of neutrals and jewel tones can be great for you. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, opt for black and gold motifs on your beach looks and you’ll surely look elegant and glamorous. Metallic silver and gold shades may sometimes suit you, but pay attention to its luster to avoid looking like a disco ball.

Retro Style

retro striped swimsuit vintage white swimwear

If you’re a woman who has an eye on vintage and retro style, you may go for classic striped swimsuit or lace-up ones that will be great to show your personality. Retro prints can also be great as well as polka dots. Just pay attention to the scale of prints so you’ll always look in proportion on your beach looks.

Modern Style

side paneled swimsuit striped bikini with white top modern cut out swimsuit black and white geometric swimsuit

Cut-out styles and geometric patterns are some of the modern details you may look for. However, skip those flashy colors and loud patterns if you’re not a fan of too trendy looks. Sticking to the neutral shades of black and white as well as side-paneled details can be flattering enough for you. With our style guidelines, you’ll be able to show off not only your feminine curves but also your fashion personality on your beach looks.

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