How to Pick the Flattering Lengths on Your Necklaces

Apart from adding some flair to your looks, necklaces draw attention to your specific body areas, depending on where they end. So, if you want to create a focal point, wear the flattering lengths on your necklaces with our style guidelines.

Shorter Necklaces


red-gown-with-bib-necklace pearl-necklace-with-black-eyelet-dress-and-velvet-shoes gold-choker-necklace-with-all-black-outfit

Choker, bib necklaces, and other shorter necklaces draw the eye up to your face and neck. So if you have a tummy, wear a shorter necklace so draw the attention away from your flaws, and bring the focus on your face. Like fashion blogger Jessica Ricks, look glamorous in a black outfit by wearing a gold choker necklace that draws the attention on your face rather than your outfit. Classic pearl strands in choker style can be a classy way to conceal your flaws, especially if you’re apple shaped and bottom-heavy. If you wish to channel a creative look, be inspired by fashion blogger Veronica Popoiacu wearing colorful choker necklaces with your purple sweater and printed pants.

On-the-Bust Necklaces

colorful-necklace-with-chic-outfit pearl-necklace-with-chic-hat-and-casual-outfit moon-crescent-necklace-with-gothic-outfitstatement-gold-necklace-with-black-dress

Necklaces that fall on your bust line create a focus from the bust up to the face. If you wish to add some volume on your bust line, opt for a necklace that falls right on your bust with a chunky pendant. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, opt for a gold chunky necklace that will pop elegantly with your black dress while adding some volume on your bust line. Also, if you’re lean and tall like fashion blogger Olivia Emily, you may opt for a necklace that falls right on your bust to give you a more balanced proportion, especially if you’re wearing oversized sweater or blazer. Also, colorful and jeweled necklaces will work creatively with plain tops. Just wear colorful and chunky necklaces with plain and simple top to avoid looking loud on your top part.

Under-the-Bust Necklaces

statement-necklace-with-suit yellow-romper-with-tribal-necklace-and-cowboy-boots statement-gold-necklace-chain-with-palazzo-pants-and-bandeau-top cross-necklace-with-sheer-top-and-skinny-jeans

If the necklace falls under your bust, it draws attention to the mid-section. So, better avoid long necklaces if you’re apple shaped as it will only draw attention to your tummy. On the other hand, if you have a slim waist, then you can wear the long pendant below the bust. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, you may showcase your sexy curves with a sheer top worn with a bralette and layered necklaces that fall on your waist. This way, you’ll highlight your assets even more, and make the daring outfit look more appropriate since it distracting the attention away from your bust. If you wish to draw attention to your legs, think of wearing longer necklaces that resemble body chains, like fashion blogger Nini Nguyen did, making an avant-garde statement effortlessly.

By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to make your necklaces and jewelry work for you.

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