How to Pick the Best Belt Style for Your Body Shape

Most women are looking forward to creating a curvier and a more feminine silhouette, and wearing different belt styles is one of the best ways to achieve the waist-defining shape. What you place around the bust, waist and hips can really trim or add pounds to your figure making you look lean or heavy. So, if you have no idea how to choose the best belt style for your body, keep on reading to learn some styling tricks.

leather belt with statement outfit

Picking the best belt style for your shape depends on what kind of image and look you want to achieve as belts can change the shape of your silhouette by trimming your waist and creating curves. To aim this goal, you must be aware of your body shape whether you’re short waisted or long waisted, or you’re having straight or full hips as this may influence the style of belts you must opt for to flatter your shape. Then, you could secure the belt essentials with different styles that suit you and base them on your major daily activities like work, parties, casual evenings, traveling and such. Most of all, add belts with different textures, colors, belt buckles, details, and prints that suit your personal style.

skinny belt with black and white outfit skinny belt with chambray shirt and wide leg pants slim belt for short waisted woman slim belt with asymmetrical dress

If you’re a woman with a short waist, there just isn’t a lot of room for a belt so opt for the thinnest belt you can find, because wide belts can overwhelm your figure and make you look shorter. Skinny belts are ideal for adding a sophisticated, smart, and elegant feel to your simple outfit whether it’s a dress, jeans, skirt, slacks, or shorts. Avoid styling a belt with a contrasting color because this will visually shorten your waist. Instead, choose a belt that matches the color of the outfit or secure belts in neutrals such as brown, black, white, beige and gray. Belts in simple lines and styles are more versatile and won’t compete with your outfit. Another option is a hip belt, which sits lower on the waist and creates the look of a longer waist.

brown belt with white outfit checkered dress with cute belt maxi dress with slim belt slim belt for long waisted woman

If you’re a woman with a long waist, there is ample room for a belt so you could opt for wide belts to break up the length of your waist and make your body appear more balanced. A wide belt is also perfect for creating a dramatic but fashion-forward look by trimming your waist for that Monroe-esque silhouette. You may go for thicker belts that contrast the top and match your bottom or thicker belts that completely contrast your outfit. By doing this, you’ll create the look of a shorter waist that’s more balance for your body shape. However, if you want to emphasize your long, slender waist, you can apply the same rules for a short-waisted woman.

black belt with white top pink dress with brown belt

If you’re a woman with thick, wide, or a full waist, the thing you probably want to do is to conceal your tummy. However, even you have fullness in this area you can still create more curves and less roundness with the soft definition of a belt. A belt can conceal excess weight around your middle and sometimes a wider elasticized belt will serve as a “body shaper” to slim down your excess weight at your middle. Contour belts have a curve to them when they laid flat and usually the curve faces down just like the belt is smiling at you. Its contour shape and considerable stretch work with the fullness of the tummy area, while not cinching too tight. Wider belts look best on you, so look for the widest skinny belt you can find. Also, solid, dark colored belts like black, navy blue, and dark brown are your best choice as they instantly can make your waist look slimmer. You may experiment with wrapping the belt right below your bust rather than your natural waistline to lift your bust and show waist. Keep in mind that shapeless clothing can often make a woman with a tummy look bigger, not smaller.

black belt with maxi dress cute dress with skinny belt silver belt with white outfit slim belt for hourglass shape woman

If you’re pear-shaped or hourglass-shaped, you have a defined waist making it an ideal body shape to belt. However, if you have a large chest, avoid very thick or wide belts as it’ll only make your waist look short, even if it isn’t. Keep in mind that any time you shorten an area of the body makes you look disproportionately larger. So, consider skinner belts to show off your natural waist and natural curves without shortening the torso. Remember, if you wish to bring attention to belts’ details like a bright or light color, wear them on the thinnest part of your waist. On the contrary, if you want to downplay your curves, avoid wearing a belt low-slung or simply don’t wear a belt at all.

gold chanel chain belt in black dress gold belt with a tweed blouse fringe skirt with suede top doubled up gold chain belts

If you’re a woman who doesn’t have much of a defined waist and a rectangle or inverted triangle shape, use a belt to create the illusion of one. The best belt style for you is the one that really cinches in the waistline that fits snug to the body. Your belts should also be worn with dresses and tops that create volume from your hips down so go for a slightly loose top and wrap a belt snugly around your natural waist to create curves. Remember that a belt can pull together a voluminous baggy outfit and add structure to something that feels overwhelming and needs some form and shape. On the other hand, if you want to embrace your straighter figure, go for looser belts like chain belts that can sit on the body without being too tight.

Wearing stylish belts is also a refreshing change from the trendy “untucked” look that has recently prevailed. So, whether you want to create a fashion statement or add that little extra to a plain outfit, a belt alone will add that well-put finishing touch to your outfit and create the body you want with the body you have.






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