How to Pick Non-Dull Basics That Can Make Your Wardrobe Exciting

Basics are an important part of your wardrobe, and buying sensible pieces in good quality can be useful, but they easily look plain and boring. Since we need a good set of basics that work with our more fun pieces, keep on reading for our guidelines on how to pick non-dull basics that can make your wardrobe exciting.

Opt for a perfect fit.


pink-dress-with-white-coat white-pants-with-oxfords-and-pastel-shirt

When we find one part of our body harder to dress, then we tend to avoid trying to find it, and that definitely makes dressing harder as we don’t have options. The key to making your basic pieces flattering is to opt for a perfect fit, and dressing your body type is the best choice. Like fashion blogger Dawilda Gonzalez, think of flaunting your feminine curves with a bodysuit teamed with leather pencil skirt, which is perfect for a woman with an hourglass shape. Whatever your body type is, always keep your waist definition that’s always flattering regardless how heavy your bottom half is.

Go for a versatile and flattering shade.

cobalt-blue-coat-with-scarf-and-jeans pastel-pink-biker-jacket-with-pants gray-vest-with-edgy-boots

You don’t have to get a wardrobe full of neutrals if you’re not a fan of them. The key is to opt for flattering colors for your skin tone which can also versatile enough to create multiple outfits. Like fashion blogger Iga Wysocka, you may go for a pastel pink biker jacket teamed with white top and chic pants. Or, simply opt for a nude, khaki, or beige shade that looks more vibrant over black, gray, and navy.

Opt for basic ensembles with interesting details.

quilted-leather-jacket-with-fall-outfit white-lace-dress chic-military-dress-with-nude-pumps-and-necklace

The key to choosing non-dull basics is to opt for ones with interesting details while keeping it versatile. Like fashion blogger Jennifer Selmanovic, you may still stick to a basic leather jacket, but go for one with quilt pattern on sleeves that can make your ensemble interesting, unless you’re top-heavy. Avoid buying tops that are completely plain, unless you are happy to always dress them up with scarves and jewelry. Look for garments with some detail in construction, not too much embellishment, otherwise it’s hard to accessorize, but a little of something different will go a long way to making your outfit more exciting.

Resort to statement accessories that can spice up your basics.

hot-pink-bag-with-striped-outfit pearl-bracelets-with-burgundy-blazer quirky-turban-with-wrap-dress-and-black-tights

Depending on your fashion personality, you may opt for classic pearl jewelry, trendy bag, bold colored shoes, vintage hat and such that can dress up your basics. For a classic statement, dress up your burgundy blazer with pearl jewelry like fashion blogger Emilija Vaišnoraitė did, making her style sophisticated with a modern twist. Or, opt for a quirky turban that can dress up your jewel-toned dress with a history-inspired twist like fashion blogger Louise Ebel did. Indeed, basics are great for giving a=you a fashion-forward look. All you need is he creativity to make your simple ensembles come alive.

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