How to Pick Coordinating Jewelry to Your Necklines

Looking glamorous and sophisticated may be great, as long as it doesn’t distract your true beauty. Since necklines and necklaces draw attention to your face, you must want to learn the tricks of looking put-together in them. To ensure that element of design work well in your outfits, keep on reading for our guidelines on picking the coordinating jewelry to your necklines.

  1. If the neckline is detailed or printed, then avoid adding another necklace and go for earrings that relate to the detail.



An elaborate neckline can’t be flattered with an elaborate necklace. So, better opt for a pair of earrings that resemble the details on your neckline or outfit. Like fashion blogger Jennifer Selmanovic, you may opt for drop earrings that mimic the geometric print on your dress. Or, look baroque-inspired with clear chandelier earrings that look complementing for a band-inspired outfit topped with an embellished blazer.

  1. If the neckline is high choose a longer necklace.

bib-necklace-with-turtleneck-top statement-necklace-with-white-dress long-necklace-with-office-outfit

To avoid looking suffocated on your high neckline, balance it with a longer necklace, especially if you have a short neck. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, pick a longer necklace if you’re wearing a dress and a turtleneck sweater to add some balance to your office looks. If you feel you have a long neck which a high neckline compliments, go for a choker style necklace in a longer length and pick angular pendants like fashion blogger Masha Sedgewick did. Also, a high neckline can be a great canvas to show off your layering skills on necklaces in angular layers like fashion blogger Sydne Summer did.

  1. If it’s an angular neckline, look for necklaces with angularly shaped pendant rather than curved ones.

sexy-green-velvet-dress-with-statement-necklace statement-necklace-with-bralette-and-blazer silver-necklace-and-bracelet-with-eclectic-outfit

Angular necklines can look great with angular necklaces. If your neckline is too low, think of going for a thick or bib necklace to cover some of your skin, making your sexy statement balanced and chic. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, you may opt for an angular pendant when wearing a bralette with a blazer, or go for a bib necklace with angular style if you’re wearing lower than a traditional neckline. This way, you’ll keep your sexy statement sleek and appropriate.

  1. If it’s a curved neckline, choose necklaces with curved detail rather than angular ones.

colorful-choker-necklace-with-purple-top-and-printed-pants pearl-necklace-with-black-top-and-quirky-skirt gold-choker-necklace-with-all-black-outfit cut-out-top-with-statement-necklace-and-embellished-sandals


Curved necklines whether a turtleneck or round will look great with chokers and curved necklines. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may even team your black top with a pearl choker necklace since pearls complement the shape of your rounded neckline. Or, go trendy with colorful layered chokers like fashion blogger Veronica Popoiacu did, wearing her statement accessory with her purple sweater and printed pants. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to create cohesive looks whatever outfits and accessories you love to wear.

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