How to Perfect the Art of Strobing

Forget about contouring! Strobing is the new makeup trend that you should get busy with. Unlike contouring, strobing creates a more radiant and natural look. It’s also much simpler and uses less products which means that those who are overwhelmed by contouring might just find this trend perfect for them. If you’re curious about this and want to know how you can perfect the look, check out these tips on how to perfect the art of strobing.

  • START WITH A FLAWLESS FACE – the art of strobing requires lots of highlighting which means that any imperfections can and will be exposed so it’s best to cover up any flaws and blemishes that might make your ‘strobed’ look less perfect. You can do this by starting out with primer and then medium coverage foundation and some concealer. Make sure, too, to choose the perfect shades of products to match your skin tone.

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  • DO A LIGHT / NATURAL LOOK FOR THE REST OF YOUR FACE – strobing focuses on highlighting, mainly, so you’ll want to keep the rest of your face makeup light and/or natural – looking. Lightly fill in your brows, put on a neutral eye makeup look, add some color to your cheeks and a swipe or two of your favorite lip color on your lips. Steer clear of anything too dramatic or heavy.

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  • KEEP THE REST OF YOUR FACE MATTE – aside from keeping the rest of your face makeup light, simple and natural, it’s also important to keep it matte. The art of strobing is all about highlighting so make sure nothing else on your face takes that away from the part / feature you really want to emphasize.

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  • PICK THE PERFECT HIGHLIGHTER – picking out the perfect highlighter for your skin is not as easy as it seems. Sure, there are some that look fine on any skin tone but if you’re going for the perfected look of strobing, you’ll want to pick one that will really bring out the best in your complexion. For more tips on how to choose a highlighter by skin tone, you can check out this post from Refinery 29 to use as your guide.

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  • HIGHLIGHT! – finally, the last step to perfecting the art of strobing is to actually do the highlighting. Check out the chart below to find out where to place your highlighter on for best results and the most gorgeous effect. You can also check out the tutorials on YouTube below for a step-by-step guide on this perfectly simple makeup trend.

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