How to Pack for a Winter Vacation

Before going to a cozy winter vacation, you might want to opt for stylish and functional ensembles that will serve you well in the colder days. If you’re one of the women who tend to over pack, keep on reading for our guidelines on how to pack for a winter vacation.

Go for a winter hat that will keep you warm.

beanie with preppy winter outfit

leopard print coat with beanie beanie with winter outfit

If you’re going for a city vacation, chances are you’ll wear bulky clothes into a music bar, concert hall, or jazz club and a light fleece and a warm hat are all you need to get from car to club. The same goes for sprints through airports, short walks for breakfast in the morning cold and more. If you don’t want to freeze, wear a good hat that covers your ears, partly covers the back of your neck, and made of thin, modern materials for maximum warmth. Though a hat with a smaller brim can be cute, beanies are more functional and packable.

Opt for sturdy and comfortable winter shoes.

boots with striped coat and jeans winter boots with overalls and duffel coat pastel blue rainboots with preppy dress and cape

Given that your feet are on the front line of most weather you will encounter, this is the one area that you can’t be afraid to go big. Instead of going for space friendly ballet flats, go for a decent-looking pair of low-frills winter boots that you’ll wear during a winter trip. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may opt for a cute pair of rain boots that you can wear with chic outfits or go for weatherproof ones, as well as dark colored ones so they won’t show stains from mud or slush. Go for boots that can be worn loosely and don’t require a lot of tying and untying that’s good enough to wear to dinner or when you walk out the door for the airport.

Winter gloves are stylish and functional accessories you can have.

fur dress with camel coat and leather gloves red leather gloves with cozy winter outfit leather gloves with wool coat

The days of massive mittens and wool gloves are gone, so you may opt for a great pair of warm, leather gloves that look stylish at the same time functional. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may opt for a red pair of leather gloves that will add some pop of color to your winter outfits. They are wearable across a wide temperature range and the waterproofing makes them useful in the worst weather.

Versatile clothes you can wear with winter layers.

camel coat with white culottes and winter scarf winter coat with white tee and scarf parka coat with winter outfit

To know how to pick and choose from the clothes you already own, go for ones that you can wear with layers. A light long- or short-sleeve shirt or T-shirt, as well as long-sleeve tops are perfect. Fleece or sweater, light wind- and waterproof coat, skinny jeans and such are great. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, go for a white tee that can be worn with black skinny jeans and can be dressed up with a winter coat and scarf. If you are going to be spending extended time outdoors, consider packing a base layer to keep your legs comfortable in the cold. Remember, they are harder to shed than a top layer, but don’t take up much packing space and are essential if you’ll be outside for hours at a time. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to look stylish and warm on your winter vacation.

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