How to Mix Stripes Like a Pro 

Mixing stripes can be really hard to pull off. You need to consider a lot of things in order to pull off the perfect look. If you find it hard to inject some haute fashion sense into your stripy attires, then make sure to follow these tips on how to mix stripes.

Mix Textures

Mixing different types of stripes can be hard to pull off. If done sloppily, you can look like an abstract painting gone wrong. But if you are really determined to learn how to mix stripes, then consider incorporating different textures. Think about wearing a striped skirt with a lace top, or a striped top with a tulle skirt.

striped top and tulle skirt

striped dress and cashmere sweater

The Possibilities are Endless with Pinstripe

Because of its thin and subtle feature, pinstripe is a good design for those who want to know how to mix stripes perfectly. In fact, it can be worn with virtually any design, bold stripes and florals included. If you want a striped fashion statement that can work well with other prints, then a classic pinstripe piece is what you need.

striped top and pinstripe pants pinstripe top and floral skirt

Go Bright or Go Home

Black and navy stripes are great classics, but they can be a bit boring sometimes. So if you want to know how to mix stripes like a stylist, then choose a bright striped pattern. It will definitely catch the attention of onlookers around you. Remain simple with the styling – and keep it coordinated with the existing colors in your attire – for a harmonious and homogenized look.

bright striped dress striped yellow skirt

Blur the Lines

Want to know how to mix stripes like a runway designer? What you need to do is then is to make the lines clash. Wear a vertical-lined top with a horizontal-lined bottom (or vice versa.) The contrast of the stripes will make you look like a high-fashion model who just got off the runway.

multidirectional stripe outfit vertical and horizontal line dress horizontal and vertical line outfit

Sex it Up with Sheer

Striped garments are usually casual and preppy. But if you want to know how to mix stripes like a sexy maven, then make sure to choose sheer striped pieces. A sheer striped top or skirt will upgrade your look instantly. Whereas stripe was usually reserved for daytime looks, a sheer striped garment can be used for formal events and nighttime celebrations.

sheer striped top sheer striped skirt

Mix Striped Accessories

Stripes are undoubtedly fashionable. Case in point: the glamorous icons of yesteryears love them, from the late Princess Grace Kelly to actress Audrey Hepburn. If you want to know how to mix stripes like these fashionistas, then try throwing striped accessories into the mix. A striped purse or shoes will give you a fresh look that’s worthy of spring fever.

striped straw bag striped flats

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