How to Maximize Your Maxi Dresses

Spring’s most loved and arguably most comfortable staple, maxi dress can be more than just a casual grab and go look. From casual walk in the town to date nights, keep on reading for our styling tricks to maximize your maxi dresses.

Wear a statement necklace or a stylish scarf with your maxi dress.

black maxidress with sandals

pink maxi dress with necklace colorful scarf with maxi dress and colorful necklace

Wearing a statement necklace or a scarf with your maxi dress can totally refresh your look. Like Blair Eadie, you can instantly shift your looks from a nautical-inspired by wearing a silk scarf to tribal-inspired with a wooden necklace. That’s the reason why you must go for a plain maxi dress, so you can easily dress them up with scarves or necklaces without being noticed that you wore the same dress just a week ago.

Adorn your maxi dress with a belt or wear some classy bracelets.

floral dress with silkn scarf and belt stacked pearl bracelets with maxidress gold belt with one shoulder maxi dress

Belts won’t only accentuate your slim waist but also add some flair to your feminine style. If you’re aiming for a goddess-inspired look, copy Chiara Ferragni’s style of wearing a golden leaf belt making her look chic while keeping its mythological-inspired look. Leather belts typically ground your style while gold chain belts make your simple maxi dress more glamorous and luxurious. If you’re not a fan of belts, then simply opt for pearl bracelets to give off some classic vibe like Annabelle Fleur did.

Dress up your maxi dress with a structured bag or elegant clutch.

baroque print maxidress orange clutch with blue maxi dress black maxi dress with structured bag and beanie

Bags and clutches can make or break your look, so be careful on selecting them. Like Kristina Bazan, you may play safe with an all-black outfit consisting of a black maxi dress, black beanie, and a black structured bag. Or, go trendy by clashing your colors and wearing unexpected color combinations like Chiara Ferragni did, wearing an orange clutch with her blue maxi dress.

Add some edge to your feminine look with a leather jacket.

burgundy maxidress with leather jacket floral print maxi dress with leather jacket leather belt with maxi dress and leather jacket

Leather screams edgy, so refresh the look of your maxi dress by simply topping a leather jacket with it. Apart from looking edgy, you can create a bohemian look, rocker-ish style, or even a sexy look depending on the style of maxi dress you’re wearing. Like fashion blogger Michele Krusi, complete your bohemian looks with a cowboy hat and a pair of leather boots making you maxi dress a fabulous statement on its own.

Create different looks with a blazer, kimono, or cardigan.

maxi dress with cardigan maxi dress with floor length kimono and hat maxi dress with military vest maxi dress with tweed blazer

Play with your outerwear to create the desired look you’re aiming for. While kimono mirrors the bohemian vibe of the carefree and wild characteristics of a bohemian fashion, a knitted cardigan can keep your maxi dress classy and timeless. Feel free to explore military vests, denim jackets, and tweed blazers to find the looks that suit your dress and your personality.

Add some layers to your maxi dress.

boho dress with maxi cardigan and jacket white cape with maxi dress maxi dress with jacket and cardiganwhite cape with maxi dress

Adding layers to your maxi dress brings dimension to your look perfect for chilly nights. Look for a draped cardigan to add some dramatic vibe to your feminine look, or an architectural tunic top for a contemporary look. Treating your maxi dress as your base layer will be great to create multiple looks and styles, therefore, maximizing your maxi dress.

Wear gladiator or strappy sandals to flatter your maxi dresses.

maxidress with gladiator sandals high slit maxi dress with jacket halter maxidress with lace up sandals

Try pairing your dress with a pair of gladiators or strappy sandals. This way, you’ll give more drama to your dress, making it perfect for a casual walk in the town to morning brunch with friends. Indeed, maxi dresses are a must-have staple for every woman who wishes for a fashion-forward look.

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