How to Match Your Makeup and Outfit Beautifully

Matching your makeup with your outfit (or vice versa) used to be one of the biggest no-no’s in both the fashion and beauty industries. Today, though, things have made a complete a 180 and matching outfits with makeup looks have become a big trend and if you haven’t already tried it yet, you definitely should! Here are some tips and tricks on how to match your makeup and outfit beautifully.

  • NEUTRAL ON NEUTRAL – if you’re new to the whole makeup and outfit matching thing, you can always start small. I used to do mine with neutral colors so I’m assured that whatever look I get is wearable from day to night. A smoky eye is a perfect if you want to match an outfit with warm, earthy colors. Lighter neutrals will look great with a nude lip.

neutral looks emma watson

neutral makeup and outfit neutral

  • BRIGHT LIPS, SUBTLE PRINTS – thinking of rocking that gorgeous new statement lip color today? Go ahead and swipe it on your lips and while you’re at it, look for an outfit to match that lip color with. Because your lip color will be very loud and bold, it’s important to keep the rest of your outfit simple and minimal. Pick out clothes with pops of color similar to your bold lip and try to steer clear of those that are as bright and loud so you don’t have too much going on.

bold pink lips and pops of pink bold red lips and red print

  • MATCH LIPS WITH ACCESSORIES – not a fan of wearing prints? Match your bright lips with your accessories instead. This is a great styling trick to do if you just want little pops of color throughout your outfit instead of having a whole lotta loud, bright colors in it. You can also just do lips and shoes or lips and purse if you think doing lips with shoes and purse is too much for the look you have in mind.

matching lips and shoes deep wine matching lips and shoes matching lips purse and shoes matching orange lips and purse matching orange lips and shoes

  • TOTAL COMMITMENT – if you think you’re ready to rock this trend then go ahead and go full on! Match your eye makeup with your dress and do your lipstick and blush in either a neutral color or a complimentary color. We are loving this look from Lupita Nyong’o who did a matching blue eye makeup and dress combo and paired it up with bright orange lips.

purple eyes and dress total commitment lucy hale green total commitment lupita nyongo

So, now that you have all these tips, are you ready to sport your matching makeup and outfit look? Tell us how you’re wearing this trend on the comments below. We’d love to know!



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