How to Master the Menswear Trends

Menswear trends are hot, wearable frocks you can rock this spring. But if you wear them the wrong way, you’ll most likely end up boyish rather than stylish. Perfect the opposite sex fashion like a chic pro with these tips on how to master the menswear trends.

Aim for Contrast

As with proportions, the secret behind mastering menswear trends is by going for contrast. Balance, after all, is the key to fashion. A sleek, oversized blazer – like the one below – will surely look stunning in a prim and proper dress.

blazer and black dress

Another menswear trend that will benefit from fashion contrast is the boyfriend jean. Known for its effortless, baggy look, you can make it look more sophisticated by wearing it with a feminine top, such as a crop top or a tube top.

crop top and boyfriend jeans

Although the boyfriend denim is perfect for casual events, it can be worn for nighttime occasions as well. The key to pulling off this look is by wearing your boyfriend pants with an elegant top and killer heels.

bf jeans and heels

The same rule applies to your trousers. You can take it from work to play by changing your office top with a sexy slip or a spaghetti strap top. Trade your closed shoes for sexy heels and you are good to go.

spaghetti strap top and trousers belted top and black pants

Go Beyond the Traditional Blazer

The blazer is one of the most versatile pieces you can take from menswear trends. Although it is often worn for formal, dressier events, you can wear this piece for casual strolls and what not. The key is picking a blazer made of unique material, like denim or corduroy. Unique colors, prints, and designs can also make your menswear blazer look more chic and elegant.

burgundy blazer checkered blazer

Play with Proportions

Menswear trends are often oversized – after all, they are made for the boys. But even with their bagginess, they can still look good on you. The key to looking polished in menswear trends is to play with proportions. So if you have an oversized blazer, wear it with a skimpy skirt or skinny jeans. At the same time, if you plan on wearing boyfriend jeans, pair it with a snug shirt or flirty, lacy one.

blazer and shorts sexy top and boyfriend jeans

Button it Up

The oxford shirt is one of the best menswear trends a woman could ever have. But if you want to veer away from the traditional looks, then make it a point to button your shirt all the way up. This gives off a sexy, dorky feeling that guys truly love. Think Zooey Deschanel in the New Girl.

denim oxford top dotted oxford shirt

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