How to Makeover Your Clothes

Having a lot of clothes in your wardrobe may be fun to create multiple looks, but it can also be overwhelming on your dressing routine. To help you optimize what’s already in your closet, and even save you money on new purchases, keep on reading for our guidelines on how to makeover your clothes.

  1. Get fresh ideas on the clothes you already have.

gray skirt with white top

ripped skinny jeans with gray coat oversized sweater with cuffed jeans and printed pumps

You have to sort through your closet to determine what works for your lifestyle, job, and body type. If you usually spend your weekends in casual settings, boyfriend jeans and basic top maybe your go-to uniform, but it won’t hurt adding some stylish twists on them. Like fashion blogger Jane Aldridge, you may trade your basic top with an oversized sweater and a pair of printed pumps that will refresh your looks. If you usually wear your skinny jeans and boots to your casual workplace, think of topping them with a coat that will make your style sharp and season-appropriate.

  1. Keep an eye for clothes you need and toss ones you rarely wear.

colorful vintage blazer with frayed shorts vintage skirt with denim shirt and strappy sandals vintage gold earrings with tweed blazer and ripped jeans

There are clothes that you rarely wear may be because it’s ill-fitting, old-fashioned, or not your personal taste. Whether it’s a sale item, vintage clothes, or hand-me-down clothing, you have to toss them if you rarely wear them so you’ll save space for your essential pieces and items you really love to wear.

  1. Calculate what items will cost you over time before investing in them.

leather trousers with printed blouse vintage sweater with scarf and gray skirt oversized coat with grunge outfit

Be a smarter shopper and keep an eye on money-saving buys. You’ll not only take consideration at the price tag of an item, but you also have to calculate what that item will cost you over time. Plain sweaters, structured coats, neutral tops, classic bottoms and such are versatile enough that you can wear them with any outfit. Also, think of the maintenance you have to do to care for your items. For instance, a dress that has to be dry cleaned whenever you wear it costs way more than ones you can machine wash on delicate. And it may be worth paying $100 more for a quality cashmere sweater if it will last you for many seasons without pilling. This way, you’ll get more than what you pay for.

  1. Team your basics with trendy items to spice them up.

purple dress with green scarf and belt orange top with cropped jeans and lace up boots leopard print pants with camel coat and red bag

Wearing your classic items with trendy pieces can be great to change up your look. Like fashion blogger Veronica Popoiacu, you may start by wearing a plain purple dress and spice it up with a printed scarf, or wear leopard print pants and bold-colored bag with your classic coat and top. Indeed, by letting your clothes undergo a makeover, you’ll make your life more organized and your looks more stylish.

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