How to Make your Tee and Jeans Outfit Look More Glamorous

A tee and jeans outfit is one of the best get-ups you can ever have. Perfect for all seasons, it can make you look stunning with minimal effort.

Although a tee and jeans outfit is a hands down classic, it wouldn’t hurt if you style it up a notch. Here are some styling ideas that can make you look more glamorous, no matter what the occasion might be.

Wear a Blazer

Want to take your tee and jeans outfit to work? Yes you can do so, as long as you throw a structured blazer on. This topper can instantly transform your look from casual to corporate chic. Of course, wear your outfit with respectable shoes (oxfords or pointy-toe heels would do) for a simple yet stylish look in the office.

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Wear a Cool Coat

A tee and jeans outfit is undeniably laidback, but these pieces alone will make you susceptible to frostbite. Lest you want to turn into a snowman, make sure to complete your outfit with a cool coat. While a stylish trench coat is a good choice, it is best if you broke out of the mold and opted for a unique, bright style.

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Wear a Scarf

It can get really cold nowadays, so the best way to keep warm with your tee and jeans outfit is to throw a scarf on. You can put it around your neck like you’re used to, or you can wear it around your waist or your bag. Loop it around your neck or wear it like a shawl – the fashion possibilities are endless with this timeless accessory.

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Wear a Statement Necklace

If you want a simple tee and jeans outfit with a kick, then make sure to wear your get-up with a statement accessory. A big, bold necklace is the perfect addition to achieve a cool look. However, if you are gunning for a sophisticated look, then a simple long necklace should do the trick.

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Wear Heels

A tee and jeans outfit might be very casual, but you can dress it up for a more sophisticated look. The best way for you to do so is to wear your favorite pair of heels. Whether it’s a cheap one from Payless – or your Manolo Blahniks – heels can help you elevate your game to a whole another level. For best results, fold your jeans and show your legs for a sexier, classier look.

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