How to Make Your Outfit Standout

You don’t need to have an on-call stylist or even a walk-in closet just to look great. If you love to shop, but hate getting dressed in the morning, keep on reading for the fuss-free formula that can make your outfit standout.

Start with your favorite ensembles.


tank-top-with-striped-skirt sneakers-with-layered-outfit

Stylists are constantly suggesting you should invest in the everyday pieces that you’ll repeatedly wear. However, assembling an outfit with your favorite pieces in mind will make your style unique and outstanding regardless how basic our outfits are. Your favorite pieces are the ones you bought because you loved them, not because you necessarily needed them, which tells the story of your personal style in a way no other clothes in your closet can. Like fashion blogger Nina Suess, it might be a pair of trendy sneakers or structured studded bag that you can wear with your basic outfit.

Add the basic ensembles.

chunky-sweater-dress-iwith-boots turtleneck-top-with-culottes pastel-blue-crop-top-with-miniskirt

Wardrobe basics are great equalizers as they prevent you from looking like a slave to the trends. Basics also play the role of wardrobe updater for your older pieces. Like fashion blogger Jenny Tsang, you might have a trendy top in your closet that you can wear with your basic culottes worn with boots to make them look fresh and classy. Matching sets in simpler styles can also be a great option to update your basic ensembles while adding some modern vibe to your style.

Add some color to your style.

candy-striped-dress-with-white-tee orange-maxi-dress cobalt-blue-pants-with-tent-dress

Though neutral colors are timeless, adding some pop to your outfit can make your style standout. Like fashion blogger Nina Suess, you may go for a jewel tone of cobalt blue to make your style classy at the same time trendy. On the other hand, if you’re aiming for a playful vibe, go for brighter shades of neon yellow, lime green, orange, and such to make your style more expressive. You may also think of what color psychology says about your personality and style you can dress accordingly.

Finish with something personal.

vintage-lace-dress-with-gladiator-sandals graphic-print-shorts-with-pink-sunglasses bell-sleeved-dress-with-layered-necklaces

Though we’re pretty flexible when it comes to style polishing off each look comes from a personal touch. Like fashion blogger Jenny Bernheim, you may finish your look with a pair of pink sunglasses that will complement your breezy outfit. Or like fashion blogger Nina Suess, you may layer your favorite necklace with your other trendy pieces to make your outfit feel more personal. Also, it could be a scarf from a street vendor, a family heirloom, a vintage clutch you swiped from your mother and such. Remember, no outfit is complete with a piece that has a story specific to you. By heeding our tricks, you can make your outfit standout without stuffing your closet with overly trendy items that won’t serve you for a lifetime.

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