How to Make your Lipstick Last All Day Long

Hey ladies! One beauty issue we all have to deal with from time to time is our lipstick rubbing off before we even get out the door! Today we want to show you how to keep that from happening. Start off with clean lips.

How to Make your Lipstick Last

Now, use a lip scrub to exfoliate your lips and remove any dead skin that will cause your lipstick to settle in the fine lines in your lips. Today we used Lush’s Bubblegum lip scrub ($9.95 at Lush). We love it because it not only makes your lips super soft, but it is edible and tastes great too! Stay tuned for a homemade lip scrub post coming soon! 

How to Make your Lipstick Last2

After removing the lip scrub, keep your lips moisturized with your favorite lip balm. Today we used the new Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose Kiss ($3.49 at Target). It’s super moisturizing and smells great! 

How to Make your Lipstick Last3

Let that soak in and wipe off the excess. Next, apply a lipliner to lock the color in place. We used Too Faced Perfect Lips ($17 at Sephora). It’s the perfect nude color and can be used with any lipstick. Outline your lips and then fill them in completely. For extra staying power, apply foundation before this step.

How to Make your Lipstick Last4

Then, apply a long lasting lipstick. We like the Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate lipstick in shade 17 ($5.79 at Walgreens).  

How to Make your Lipstick Last5

Next, Take a tissue and press it over your lips. Take your favorite powder (we prefer using a loose translucent powder, like the MUFE HD powder, $32 at Sephora) and dust it over the tissue. This is a very important step because it will ensure that the lipstick stays in place all day.

How to Make your Lipstick Last6

Now apply your second coat of lipstick.

How to Make your Lipstick Last7

Then, blot the excess off onto a tissue, pressing the product into your lips.

How to Make your Lipstick Last8

You can stop here or apply your favorite lipgloss. We LOVE the Mac Cremesheen Glasses ($20 at MAC counters), especially in the color Fashion Whim, because they are super creamy and smooth and not sticky.

How to Make your Lipstick Last9

Sloane just did this a few hours ago, and her lipstick is still going strong. This will work with any color, but best with a long lasting formula. We hope you try this out, and tell us how it works for you. Don’t forget to comment below telling us your favorite lipstick/lipgloss!

Sloane & Claire


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