How to Make your Cut off Shorts Outfit Look More Sophisticated

Cut off shorts are undoubtedly fun, funky, and edgy. But because of its tattered hemlines, it is usually reserved for casual, devil-may-care outfits. While these bottoms have gained this nasty reputation, you can easily turn this belief upside down. Here are some ideas on how to make your cut off shorts outfit look more sophisticated.

Select Silk

A silk blouse is one of the finest things to wear with your cut off shorts outfit. The elegant nature of the top can balance the ruggedness of your bottoms. Throw on a few gold accessories for a classy look.

blue silk top

silk top outfit

Embrace Lace

Because of its construct, a lace top can be seen as one of the most urbane items a girl could ever have. With that in mind, a lace top can help make your cut off shorts outfit look more sophisticated. Styling should be minimal should you pick a lace top, as the design alone is enough to make your ensemble look classy.

lace top and shortswhite lace top and shorts

Stars and Stripes

Although a striped top is very basic, it is the perfect element to wear with your cut off shorts outfit. If Audrey Hepburn loves it, then so should you! Accessorize your look subtly for a beachy, Saint Tropez feel in the middle of autumn.

striped top and shorts alexa chung striped top

Button it Up

A button-down top is another one of the tops you need to pair with your cut off shorts outfit. The business-side aura of the button-down top can add a professional influence to your otherwise casual outfit. Wear the top with fun statement accessories to create an outfit that marries all of your fashion influences.

button down top and shorts white button down top

No Sweat

A sweater is one of the best tops to have this autumn. With that being said, it also makes for a good pair for your cut off shorts outfit. The sweater can keep you stylishly warm whenever temperatures plummet down. As for your legs, you can keep them bundled up as well in a pair of thick tights.

sweater and cut off shorts black sweater and shorts

Be a Trail Blazer

Blazers are usually reserved for trousers and skirts, but do you know that it works with a cut off shorts outfit as well? This is especially the case this autumn, as you are going to need some layers to keep you warm for the days to come. As long as you have got a blazer on, you don’t have to worry about the layer underneath. You can wear a tank top or a graphic shirt and still look tasteful.

trench coat and shorts black blazer outfit

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